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About BounceU of Nashville 

Looking to plan a birthday party that your kids and their friends will always remember? Then BounceU of Nashville is the place to be!  BounceU is the bestest party place because we’ve got something so super special, you can’t find it anywhere else: the biggest, bounciest, jumpiest inflatables ever! Your party is like totally 100% private too, so you have the whole place to yourself, and your child gets to be the most important person in the whole wide world for a day. Our Personal Party Pros are also on hand to make sure everyone is having a fantastical time. They set up the party room, keep an eye on all the crazy fun, clean up, and even take all those amazing presents out to car. Yippee! 

Sounds seriously sweet, right? Call BounceU of Nashville today at (615) 255-1422 to book your next birthday bash!

Nashville Store Front

Welcome to BounceU Nashville!

Spider Climb

Check out Spider Mountain! Climb the webbing to reach the top and slide down to the bottom!

Nashville Boxing Ring

Our Boxing Ring is a multi-use bouncer where the kids can play basketball and safely bounce!

Nashville Double Slide

Climb the rock wall to get to the top and race a friend down!

Preschool Playground

Our Playground is designed with our littlest bouncers in mind!

Dodge City

Dodge City is where you can hold dodge ball tournaments or just bounce around!

Giant Slide

The Giant Slide is big and fun! Get to the top first and slide down safely to the bottom!

Nashville Obstacle Course

The Obstacle Course is where you can race your friends or family to see just who is the fastest!

Nashville Party Room

Our Party Rooms are spacious and brightly colored! Our Party Pros set up, break down and serve!

Nashville Party Room

The Birthday Child gets to sit in the Throne for pictures and presents!