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Party Experiences

Include photos at your kids birthday party!

Click's Pics

When you add Click’s Pics to your party package, we’ll take all the photos so you don’t have to! Then we’ll upload them to our Click’s Pics website, and give you a unique code which you can use to access your photos.

From there you can email your photos to family and friends, share them on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, or download them to your computer to print on your own. Getting great pictures of your child’s birthday party at BounceU couldn’t be easier!

Price: $19.95 per Party
Add Cosmic to your party!


Crank up the excitement at your BounceU Party with out-of-this-world lighting! It adds an extra thrill to our inflatable rides and games, and kids love the glow-in-the-dark accessories. The atmosphere is also perfect for teens and tweens, who especially enjoy this “after-dark” spin on the BounceU experience. You can add Cosmic Bounce to any Party Package, which means you don’t lose any of your favorite features – you just make 'em more cosmic!

Only $1 per child for the effect in one Bounce room or $1.5 for both Bounce Rooms!

Price: $1 per Child
Add Goodie Bags to your Party!

Goodie Bags

We make goodie bags easy! Our BounceU Goodie bag is full of fun toys, including a mini BounceU Bopper and a glow in the dark bracelet.

Price: $3.50
Kids love BounceU Boppers

BounceU Boppers

The BounceU Bopper is a giant 36” blow up hammer decorated to remind you of your great time at BounceU. This makes a great party favor for older children!

Price: $3.50
Add Birthday Candles to your Cake!

Birthday Candles

Your wish came true! Add a special glow to your birthday cake with our fun Birthday Candles!

BounceU Schtuff

Balloons - Not offered at this time $0.00
BounceU Adult Socks $3.50
BounceU Kids Socks $3.00



All our pizzas are made fresh on site and to order. We cut our 14"pizzas into 12 slices for kids and 8 slices for adults. Toppings: Pepperoni, Sausage, Canadian Bacon, Crumbled Bacon, Chicken, Green/Red Peppers, Mushrooms, Olives, Onions, Jalapenos and Pineapple.

1 Topping Pizza $16.00
2 Topping Pizza $17.00
3 Topping Pizza $18.00
Gluten Free 10" Pizza $10.00

Specialty Pizzas

Choose from our best seller the BBQ Chicken with fresh cilantro or any of these great choices; Chicken Bacon Ranch, Buffalo Chicken, Meat Lovers, Veggie Lovers or our Combo (meats and veggies).

Chicken Specialty Pizzas $19.00
Combo (meat and veggies) $19.00
Meat Lover's $19.00
Veggie Lover's $19.00

Pasta Trays

Fresh Baked Penne Pasta in a Red Marinara Sauce with Meatballs or Vegetarian (zuchinni and yellow squash).

Medium Pasta Tray (serves 10-12) $35.00
Large Pasta Tray (serves 22-24) $55.00
6 Garlic Butter Breadsticks $5.00
12 Garlic Butter Breadsticks $10.00

Sandwich Trays

Freshly made to order subs - featuring a variety of cold meats on gourmet inspired breads - cut into handy 4 inch portions and arranged on a serving platter.

Large Tray (33 - 4" subs) $80.00
Medium Tray (21 - 4" subs) $55.00


Fresh Garden Salad – a mixture of red and iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, shredded carrots, red onions, green and red peppers, served with creamy Italian and ranch dressing on the side. Anti Pasta Salad - a mixture of red and iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, red onions, green and red peppers, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese and black olives, served with creamy Italian and ranch dressing on the side.

Large Anti Pasta Salad (serves 22-24) $65.00
Large Garden Salad (serves 22-24) $50.00
Medium Anti pasta Salad (serves 10-12) $40.00
Medium Garden Salad (serves 10-12) $30.00
Party Trays

Fruit and Veggie Trays

Prepared to order with fresh, seasonal products for your guests to nibble on. A colorful and healthy addition to your party. 3.5-lb fruit platters or veggie platters are offered.

Fruit Tray $19.99
Veggie Tray $19.99
More food options

Adult Food Buffets (serves 10 - 12)

Adult Pizza Buffet Includes; 3 Large - any topping Pizzas, 12 Bottles of Water, and 1 Medium Garden Salad Adult Sandwich Buffet Includes; 1 Medium Sandwich Platter, 1 Medium Garden Salad Tray and 12 Bottles of Water. Adult Baked Pasta Buffet Includes; 1 Medium Baked Pasta Tray w/ meatballs, 12 fresh baked breadsticks, 1 Medium Garden Salad and 12 Bottles of Water.

Mini Adult Food Buffet $90.00
More food options

Adult Food Buffets (serves 22-24)

Adult Pizza Buffet Includes; 5 Large - any topping Pizzas, 1 Case of Water, and 1 Large Garden Salad Adult Sandwich Buffet Includes; 1 Large Sandwich Platter, 1 Large Garden Salad Tray, 1 Case of Water and 1 Fruit Tray. Adult Baked Pasta Buffet Includes; 1 Large Baked Pasta Tray w/ meatballs, 24 fresh baked breadsticks, 1 Large Garden Salad, 1 Fruit Tray and 1 Case of Water.

Large Adult Food Buffet $145.00
Add beverages to your party!


We serve pitchers of Coca Cola™ brand Coke, Diet Coke, Barq's Rootbeer, Sprite, Hi-C Pink Lemonade and Minute Maid Apple Juice.

12 Bottles of Water $6.00
24 Bottles of Water $10.99
Capri Sun Juice Boxes $0.50
Carafe of Coffee $10.99
Pitcher $3.50