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Beyond Birthday Parties at BounceU in Huntington Beach

Why wait for your next birthday party? There are all sorts of wonderful reasons to celebrate, and BounceU is just the place to get together for a private team party, plan a holiday gathering, or take a field trip.

Kids can't get enough of our state-of-the-art inflatables, and you're sure to love our clean, climate-controlled environment, great food, and excellent values. It couldn't be easier to set up an event at BounceU - give us a call and find out for yourself!

You can't spell “fundraiser” without “fun,” and we'll help you make sure your event is upbeat and exciting. Your guests will love our food, our atmosphere, and our bounce structures.

Is your group looking for a fundraiser that is fun,healthy,safe and profitable? BounceU offers a FUNdraising opportunity for your organization that will meet these needs. We are proud to support schools and non profit organizations in our community. BounceU FUNdraising Program:

It's been proven that field trips enhance kids' socialization and citizenship skills. Why not bring your group on over and let ‘em get their bounce on?

Field Trips
Isn't it time to get out of the classroom? Field trips have been shown to improve kids' socialization skills, and BounceU makes sure it'll be a day to remember. Leave the pencils at school, allow us take care of the planning, and let your class get its bounce on!

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