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BounceU in Rocky Hill: Frequently Asked Questions

BounceU events and policies are designed to make things as easy as possible on you. We understand that you might need a few clarifications about our parties and facilities, so we've compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions and their answers.

FAQs - General

Is there an age limit?
BounceU is suitable for ages 3 to adult. Walkers up to 3 years can go in, but should have an adult accompanying them since the equipment is quite big. Non-walkers and young toddlers are NOT recommended to go on the equipment. We do encourage adults to participate in the bounce rooms. They tend to have as much, or even more, fun than the kids.

Can we just come in and play?
Yes! You are welcome to come in to play during our scheduled "open bounce" times. Please see our Open Bounce page for more information.

Do I have to know my head count and other options when I reserve my party?
No. We will call you about 5 days before your scheduled party date to confirm your head count. You can place an order for food and other add-ons at that time. Your package is completely adjustable even the day of your event so that you will never pay for kids who have not shown up.

You say that the party includes up to a certain amount of participants. What if some parents want to stay and watch? Do they count as part of the total participants?
The participant limit applies only to ages 2-17. Parents are welcome to participate, but would NOT count as part of the total participants. If they choose not to participate on the equipment, they are welcome to stay and watch, or even drop off.

FAQs - Food and Cake

Can I bring in my own food and drinks?
You are welcome to bring in your own cake. However, if you would like to serve a meal, we ask that you use our menu. We have relationships with local restaurants to cater food. They deliver hot right when you are leaving your bounce room, so it will be ready right when you are. NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINKS ARE ALLOWED EXCEPT FOR CAKE.

I don't want to serve a full meal, can I bring in my own snacks?
We have snack food options available; see the Party Add-Ons page for more information. Please do not bring in food other than cake

Can I order extra pizza or other food once my party has begun?
No. We do not maintain extra food products at the BounceU premises.

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