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BounceU in Lexington: Party Add-Ons

Food and Dessert Menu

Pizza - Breadsticks
We can provide hot and delicious pizza delivered directly to your party. Each pizza is XL (contains 12 slices) and you can take home any left overs.
Single-Topping is $13.99 per box
Multiple-Topping or Specialty is $15.99 per box

Cheesy Breadsticks (8 slices) - $7.99
Cinna Sticks (8 slices) - $7.99

Choose from our large selection of beverages including soda, juice pouches, milk, or bottled water.
Coke Products are $2.99 per 2 liter
Juice Pouches are $0.75 each
Bottled Water is $1.25 per drink
Milk – 1 Gallon $5.00

You may order a custom baked cake for your event and it will be freshly made to order and hand delivered to BounceU. Each cake is individualized with your child's name. They come in a variety of decorations and flavors, including themed or character cakes.

Decorated Full Sheet Cake - $55.99
Decorated ½ Sheet Cake - $38.99
Decorated ¼ Sheet Cake - $28.99
1 Dozen Cupcakes - $10.99

Ice Cream
What's a party without ice cream? Add delicious and cream ice cream to your party. We offer individual ice cream cups.
Individual Cups: $0.75 each

Vegetable Tray
We offer a fresh veggie tray with variety of vegetables. Feeds 12-16 people Kids and Moms love our fresh veggie tray!

Fresh Fruit Tray
Fresh mix pineapple, honeydew, cantaloupe, strawberries, kiwi, watermelon, and grapes (serves for up to 12-16 people) MUST BE ORDERED 48 HOURS BEFORE SCHEDULED PARTY
Price: $36.99

Chicken Tender Platter
A freshly prepared platter of hand breaded chicken tenders served hot or chilled. Serves 12-16.
Price: $39.99

Party Essentials

Goodie Bags
Kids love 'em! We'll provide a logo'd BounceU bag stuffed with popular candy and toys to each party guest. Just tell us how many bags you need and leave the stuffing to us!
Price: $2.99 per person

Want an alternative party favor? Ask us about our BounceU Treasure Chest, filled with BounceU waterbottles, Goodie Bags and bopper bats . The BounceU treasure chest is a hit for kids of all ages!

BounceU Sports Bottle
Durable, 28 oz BounceU red sports bottle with purple cap. Everyone will love to get this cool and practical party favor!
Price: $2.99

BounceU Boppers
The BounceU Bopper is a 36” giant blow up hammer to remind you of your great time at BounceU. Kids love to play with the bopper and it makes a funny sound that makes everyone laugh!
Price: $2.99

5 Session Bounce Pass - Come and play with us now and save cash!

This pass is a great idea for yourself or someone else. It is good on any Open Bounce Session. Buy a 5-bounce pass for one low price!
Price: $35.00

Cake Candles $1.95

Disposable Camera $7.95

BounceU T-Shirts
Show your style by sporting your very own BounceU T. These are the same T's the Party Pros wear and will definitely show that you have what it takes!
Price: $7.95

Show your style by sporting your very own BounceU socks. These are very plush and comfortable with the kids having non-skid soles.
Price: $3.50

Gift Certificates
Now Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts and other family members can get in the fun by purchasing gift certificates for the family. They can be used for parties, open bounces, or any retail item at BounceU.