BounceU in
St. Louis - South County
4403 Meramec Bottom Road, Ste C,
St Louis, MO 63129
(314) 845-PLAY (7529)

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BounceU of St. Louis/South County: Reviews

Everyone I dealt with was nice, polite, and very helpful! They were available when we needed them and attentive when a child came to me crying! It was an awesome experience and will recommend to everyone! Keep up the good work!
– Trisha Imbler, Fenton, MO

We have had MANY parties there and had such a great time every time.
– Valerie Johnson, St. Louis, MO

I regard BounceU highly! Makes having a birthday party a breeze! Clean environment, great staff, lots to do. Thanks!
– Cyra Herrmann, Columbia, IL

The equipment was what the kids love to play on. The party gets to be private. We didn't have to worry about unknown kids interfering or out kids getting separated. Almost all the parents have asked me lots of questions about wanting to do their future birthday parties there. The parents were also glad they could play too. Other places will not allow adults to play on the equipment. The staff was great. They encouraged the kids when they were afraid to try and made sure everyone had something to do. They even brought out toys for the ones under 2 to play with.
– Marika Base, High Ridge, MO

Amazing.....from the time I called to schedule to the time we walked out the door after the party!!!!!!! Everyone there was super nice!
– Kari Wollmershauser, Barnhart, MO

Over the past few years, I think we've been to nearly every birthday party venue in the city, but I found the BounceU experience to be the easiest and most enjoyable for everyone. Every BounceU staff member was pleasant and helpful! Thanks for making a party of 30 five-year-olds SO easy!
– Heidi Suppelsa, St. Louis, MO

Staff is very friendly and attentive - they are great with the kids and just make this a great experience. My kids had a blast and I was able to just relax and enjoy watching my kids have fun without worrying about coordinating the party myself.
– Sue Strubhart, Fenton, MO

Both the ladies that were in charge of Peyton's party did an excellent job. It was a worry-free party. Everyone was friendly from the moment that we walked in the door to the moment that we left. All staff was great, friendly, greeted us with a smile!!!!!!
– Rachel Montgomery, Festus, MO

We've had my son's party there for 4 years in a row. It's the only place he will even consider, he loves it so much
– Hedda Hall, St. Louis, MO

Our party helpers were great! I did nothing and they ran the show! Loved it!
– Sherri Smith, St. Louis, MO

Rhonda, Allison, Heather and front desk staff person on Saturday, Oct 1 from 10:50 am - 12:50 pm at the Meramac Bottoms location were top notch! Absolutely perfect! I know where I will go for my children's party needs!
– Erica Tyson, St. Louis, MO

Heather and Stephanie (our party helpers) were outstanding and did a wonderful job setting up the party as well as handling the kids. We had 14 kids of all ages, from 4 years old to 13 years old, and they all had fun. The party was a success and I would definitely use BounceU again. Thanks so much for all your help with the party and I loved the fact I didn't have to do much but show up!!! Thanks for making my daughter's birthday memorable.
– Pamela Jones, Columbia, IL

The whole experience was amazing! As the parent I did not have to worry about anything but playing with my children! All the attendees had so much fun! Overall, this was his best birthday party yet!
– Aldina Nuhanovic, St. Louis, MO

The party was great. The children really enjoyed themselves. Staff was very polite and handled everything.
– Matt Crouthers, St. Louis, MO

Everything was perfect and to top it off our hostesses were wonderful which was a real bonus. Peyton and Stephanie were great with the kids and really made the experience easy and enjoyable for the parents. I received several compliments from parents on the selection of BounceU and how great the party was. They commented that BounceU coordinated the party better and the quality of the facilities was better compared to similar venues. This was definitely the best birthday party experience we've had and will do it again.
– Jennifer Smith, St. Louis, MO

Jane and Maddie did a fabulous job hosting our party! They were very attentive and a step ahead in notifying me how/when things would happen throughout the party. Great job!
– Stephanie & Jeremy Bauman, St. Louis, MO

All of the staff at our party that day were extremely friendly and helpful.
– Theresa Longhibler, High Ridge, MO

BounceU is the best place to have a party for any child - young or old.
– Melissa Mueth, Millstadt, IL

BounceU held the best birthday party that we have attended. It was nice to see smiling faces and energetic employees helping with the party. It really gets the kids excited about the party.
– Janice House, Barnhart, MO

Hosting a birthday party with BounceU was incredibly easy! I appreciated the way that it was organized from step one when I called to get information right through to loading up the presents at the end. I am certain that I have never given a party that
– Tammy Fulte, St. Louis, MO

Everything was well organized and timed perfectly! The two hostess we had were fantastic. They worked diligently with patience, care, and a smile.
– Terri Webb, St. Louis, MO

The staff took the hassle out of a 5 year old birthday party. Especially the part where they write down what each kid gave them. It allowed me to take pictures and enjoy it. The staff was wonderful!
– Deanna Prewitt, Columbia, IL

Cosmic bounce is a fantastic option!
– Trisha Stefanski, Arnold, MO

I recently visited BounceU for the first time with two of my grandsons. Because the boys are only three and six, I was concerned they might be too small and that the other bouncers might be too rough for them. However, I was greeted at the door by a very friendly staff member who assured me I had nothing to worry about. Sure enough, the kids had a great time. Other bouncers actually assisted the three year old on the giant slide. The staff kept a close eye on the kids and I was actually free to check my e-mail and make phone calls while they played. I plan on visiting BounceU as often as possible to take advantage of all they have to offer. Thanks to the entire staff for making our day so memorable.
– Jim Wright, Kirkwood, MO

At first I thought it was ridiculously expensive, but after I thought about what I would spend on throwing a party myself, it didn't seems so outrageous. I gave birth to our second son four weeks before our party day and the fact that I didn't have to do anything, but watch my 5 year old have a blast with his friends made me feel like I had gotten a real bargain! Kudos to BounceU for a great day!
–  Brandi McCoy, St. Louis, MO

We had a party for our son's 5th birthday. Paige was one of our hosts and she was incredible. She remembered every child's name, was extremely friendly, and made the experience very fun for all of the kids! I would like her to know how much we appreciated her enthusiasm!
– Paul Alton, St. Louis, MO

The staff was amazing! This was by far the most amazing kids' birthday party I've ever been to. Everyone had a blast - even the adults! Thank you to Scott and Katie who helped us that day, they were truly wonderful. I will recommend BounceU to everyone and all the people that went to the party said the same. The place was super clean. The best part for me as the parent was that I could be so carefree... I liked that all I had to do was show up and have fun! It was so nice that everything was supplied. Thank you, BounceU!!!!!!!!
– Matthew Wallace, St. Louis, MO

The South County location was awesome. Everyone was so helpful and I cannot thank them enough. Katie and Scott took care of everything. All of the parents could not believe how organized everything was. My son and his friends had such a great time. Your facility is amazing. Thanks again.
– Suzy Catarinicchia, St. Louis, MO

As a parent, I have enjoyed myself as a guest at numerous BounceU parties. It wasn't until I organized a fundraiser at our school that I fully appreciated how easy and carefree any event they run can be. In fact, its one of our most popular and profitable events all year! We enjoyed it so much, we held TWO BounceU nights!
– Jennifer Corp, St. Louis

Because of our fundraiser, I chose to have our 5 year olds party at BounceU. She had a blast and so did we! No muss, no fuss, just tons of fun for the kids AND adults! We loved our party helpers - they were great. We can't wait till the next time we have a party or fundraising event at BounceU - I would recommend it to anyone, 1 to 100!
– Jennifer Corp, St. Louis

We had my son's 4th birthday party at the S. County facility this past Saturday, December 11, 2010. We weren't sure what to expect since we had never been there before. We loved the idea of having private rooms for just our party guests and gave it a try. We were promptly greeted upon our entry and talked to with courtesy and respect. We started having some guests arrive and they were running around with no guidance. Our party hosts took over and made a game for them until everyone was in attendance. We moved into our first room and the kids took over. Some of the kids were having trouble with some of the climbing so some of the parents joined in to help. I think we had almost as much fun as they did even though we became part of the equipment using our knees and hands as climbing equipment. We moved to the next room for more bouncy equipment. The kids liked being challenged even more with these items. Finally, we ended up in our party room. We love that the parents were able to sit back and basically enjoy the party. Your party hosts even went as far as reading the cards to my son and giving him all of his presents.  You took care of the treats, drinks and cleaning up when there was a spill.  We couldn’t have asked for more fun and relaxation at the same time. We actually had two of the parents in attendance say they were going to book their party there also based on our experience. We have had lots of parties with our older child that have been at other locations and this was by far the best party we could have had. Thank you for making the day a blast and a great day for my son, family and friends.
– Renee McDonnell, St Louis, MO

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