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BounceU in Smithtown: Party Add-Ons

BounceU of Smithtown has gone TOTALLY COSMIC!!

Add Cosmic [ black lights and disco lights in the bounce rooms for YOUR PARTY]
2 Packages to pick from…

COSMIC – each guest receives a glow bracelet and necklace for the cosmic bounce experience.
Cosmic in 1 Bounce Room $40
Cosmic in 2 Bounce Rooms $55

Some other new FUN ideas to add to your party!!


We put it all together for you! Add our Spectacular Bundle to your Premier Party for an all-inclusive party.

The Bundle includes:

A cake( choice of 1 layer bakery-serves 35-40 or a Hershey ice cream –serves 28-30)

Favors – 4 to pick from all described below

1 adult cheese pie

1 adult 2 lt bottle of drink


13 child Premier or U-Junior party- $69.00+tax

18 child Premier party- $79.00+tax

25 child Premier party- $89.00+tax

Add On Add On Add On

Food and Dessert Menu


Regular Pie- cheese/10 slices $15.95
Grandma Pie- 8 slices $17.95
White Pie- 8 slices $18.95
Sicilian Pie- $17.95
1 Topping Pie- $18.95

NEW AND EXCITING- Buona Sera Salad Pie- $24.95
Greek Salad Pie- $24.95

Italian Delites

Baked Ziti (½ tray) $54.95
Chicken Parmigiana (1/2 tray) $59.95
Chicken Marsala (1/2 tray) $59.95
Sausage and Peppers (1/2 tray) $59.95
Penna Ala Vodka (1/2 tray) $54.95

Salads and more Salads
Caesar (1/2 tray) $34.95
Tossed (1/2 tray) $34.95

Insalata Buona Sera- ( ½ tray) $45.95- Romaine lettuce topped with diced tomato, cucumber & shredded mozzarrella cheese

Insalata Campagna ( ½ tray) - $45.95 – Field greens tossed with walnuts, cranberries, roma tomatoes and crumbled gorgonzola, served with homemade balsamic vinaigrette

Insalata Nuova ( ½ tray) - $45.95 Chopped mixed greens, gorgonzola, diced fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers and diced roma tomatoes with pesto and raspberry vinaigrette

Baby Spinach Gorgonzola Salad ( ½ tray) - $45.95 – baby spinach topped with gorgonzola cheese and walnuts served with balsamic vinaigrette

Macaroni Salad (per pound) - $6.95
Potato salad (per pound)- $6.95

Vegetable Crudite
Small (approx. 3 lbs of vegetables) serves 6-8 $19.95
Large (12” diameter circular tray) serves 12-14 $54.95

Fruit Crudite
Small (approx. 3 lbs of fruit) serves 6-8 $19.95
Large (12” diameter circular tray) serves 12-14 $54.95

American or Italian -- 3foot $60 / 4 foot $80
Chicken, roasted pepper, and moz. -- 3 foot $68 / 4 foot $90
Veggie Hero- 3 foot $68 / 4 foot $90

Panini Sandwiches – Assorted
Small serves 8-10 - $54.95
Large serves 12-14 - $84.95

Small serves 8-10 - $54.95
Large serves 12-14 - $84.95

Bagel Platter - incl. butter, cream cheese and jelly 2 dozen $34.95
Mini Bagel Platter – incl. butter and cream cheese 18 ct. $29.95


Cakes :
Delicious Hershey Ice Cream Cake (Vanilla/Chocolate) Serves 22-26 $34.95
Single layer Bakery Cake serves 30-35 $34.95
Add filling to your Bakery Cake- $8.00


$1.50 each

Custom Cake Topper:

Add your child’s favorite character to your cake with these edible cake frosting toppings. Choose from dozens of characters, sports teams, etc. - only $10

A Delicious Selection of Adult Desserts including-
Choc. Chip/ Sugar Cookies - $12 per pd.
Assorted Italian Cookies $13.95 per pound
Blondies / Brownies - $16 per tray
Lemon Bars / Rasp.. Squares - $24 per tray
Crumb Cake - $22 per tray
Cobblers - $22 per tray
Mini Cannoli $12 per dozen

Add A Character/Friend

Want to make an extra special impression on your guests? Invite your child's favorite character to your party. Kids love it, and characters make great photo opportunities that will last a lifetime. Impress your child's friends with a visit from their idol. Only $125

Party Favors choose 1 of the 4 [ included in spec or super size spec party]

Goodie Bags
Kids love 'em! We'll provide a logo'd BounceU bag stuffed with popular candy and toys to each party guest. Just tell us how many bags you need for boys and how many you need for girls, and leave the stuffing to us! Not intended for children under 3.
Price: $3.95

BounceU drawstring backpack
A logo’d BounceU nylon drawstring backpack. Available in Red and Purple. Make a very cool practical party favor that will always remind your guests about the great party they have at BounceU!
Price: $3.95

BounceU Boppers
The BounceU Bopper is a 36” giant blow up hammer to remind you of your great time at BounceU. Kids love to play with the bopper and it makes a funny sound that makes everyone laugh!
Price: $3.95

BounceU Sports Bottle
Durable, 18oz BounceU red sports bottle with purple cap. Everyone will love to get this cool and practical party favor!
Price: $3.95

Stuffed BounceU Sports Bottle
Durable, 18oz BounceU red sports bottle stuffed with, punching ball, candy, tattoos and two other age appropriates fun toys.
Price: $5.95

*$2.00 upgrade with spectacular bundled party

Stuffed BounceU Sports Backpacks
BounceU Red Backpack stuffed with a spikey ball, bank, candy, and other age appropriates fun toys.
Price: $6.95

*$3.00 upgrade with spectacular bundled party


Birthday balloon bouquets are a wonderful way to make any occasion special . Order 2 ten packs for the tables in the party room. The birthday child’s favorite colors will add to their excitement as they eat their pizza and cake with their friends. Order a beautiful bouquet of balloons from us when we call to confirm your party details.


Licensed character bouquets ( 5 large mylar balloons) - $19.95

Licensed Airwalker Balloons – small - $19.95 large - $24.95

Five latex balloons and 1 “Happy Birthday” foil as a weighted centerpiece - $10.95
Ten latex balloons as a weighted centerpiece - $10.95

Five latex balloons as a weighted centerpiece - $8.95
A single foil “ Happy Birthday” balloon - $2.95

Upgrade your Spectacular Happy Birthday Mylar balloon to your child’s favorite character - $1.95

** No outside balloons allowed.

FUN addition to your party!

BounceU Giant Lollipop - NEW
Giant Carnival Pops. A 5.5" diameter rainbow colored pop with BounceU logo on it! This will be an awesome party favor for all or a special treat for your child!
Price: $3.50

BounceU Socks
High quality, thick sock with BounceU logo.
Price: $3.95

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