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BounceU in Warrendale: Party Add-Ons


Large Pizza- (16in. - 10 cut): $14.00
Large 1 topping: $15.00 Veggie Pizza: $18.50 Chicken Pizza: $18.50 Supreme Pizza or Multi toppings: $19

Sandwich Ring- (serves 14-18): $29.99 Italian, Turkey, Ham, or Veggie.

Garlic Knots- (approx. 20) knots- $10.00

Fried Provolone- 1 dozen with traditional sauce: $16.00

Chicken Tenders- (50) chicken tenders- $60.00         (25) chicken tenders- $35.00

Tossed Salad : Lettuce, grape tomatoes, black olives and shredded cheese.
(serves 10-12): $18.00
With grilled chicken, buffalo chicken or steak- $36.00
Caesar Salad: Romaine lettuce tossed with croutons, black olives and grape tomatoes, Caesar dressing and parmesan cheese. (serves 10-12): $20.00
With grilled chicken- $40.00


Penne Pasta: Penne pasta with traditional sauce. (serves 10-12): $25.00
Cajun Pasta: Penne pasta with grilled chicken and hot sausage tossed in Cajun cream sauce. (serves 10-12): $40.00
Meatballs- (10) meatballs in traditional sauce- $20.00


Veggie- (serves 8-10) or Fruit Trays- (serves 8-10)- $16.99
Fresh, seasonal products for your guests to enjoy. A colorful and healthy addition to your party.

Unlimited Drinks
Choose from our large selection of Coca Cola Products. Drinks are bottomless for the entire party room time!
Price: $.69/cup.

Snack Bowls
We offer a large party bowl of snacks. Choices include Lay's chips, Pretzels, Doritos, Goldfish, Chex Mix and Cheeto's.
Price: $4.50/bag

Bagel & Cream Cheese Tray (9:00am and 9:35am parties only)
1 dozen plain or cinnamon raisin bagels with cream cheese on a platter for guests to enjoy!
Price: $14.99

1/4 Sheet Hershey's Ice Cream Cake- $29.99 Each additional cake: $24.99

Ice Cream Cups
Price: $0.75 per cup (vanilla, chocolate, cotton candy or sherbet).

Party Essentials

Click’s Pics – Party photo package. We’ll take all the pictures so you don’t have to!
Price: $19.99

Goodie Bag: $2.99 each (Stuffed with toys and more!)
3-Foot Inflatable Bopper: $1.99 each
BounceU Water Bottle: $2.99 each (18oz. BounceU branded hard plastic bottle)

Pricing available upon request

BounceU T-Shirts – $9.95
Let your guests show their style by sporting their very own BounceU T

BounceU Socks- $3.00
Let your guests show their style by sporting their very own BounceU socks.

Cosmic Accessories
An awesome way to continue your cosmic Add-On experience. Glow in the dark cups, light up swords, light up led glasses.
Price: $3.79

Cake Candles: $1.99

Treasure Chest Pick Price: $3.79
Let each of your guests have one pick from our treasure chest filled with toys and goodies.

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