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BounceU in Murfreesboro: Reviews

Ashley, and the two ladies that helped us with the party were wonderful! Great with the rowdy kids we had, and always smiling. They also captured some great pictures for us!
– Ashley P., Murfreesboro, TN

They thought of everything! No detail was missed. My husband even said that this was the closest thing to Disney World in terms of doing a great job!! They made my birthday boy feel so special (especially letting him choose lights off for the birthday song)!
– Laura D., Murfreesboro, TN

From the moment we walked in the door to the moment we left the BounceU staff were at our side helping us every step of the way. They were with us during the introduction video, while the kids were playing and engaging with them, they were fantastic during the portion where we ate pizza, had the birthday cake, and opened presents, and they even took everything to the car for us at the end of the night! The best thing is that the BounceU staff hosted the party for us, so I actually got to enjoy the party and not miss out because I was playing hostess. My kids are still talking about it and even some of the grown-ups played on the inflatables with the kids!
– Anna D., Murfreesboro, TN

My child is autistic and typically this is something I tell people up front that will be helping in a party or event with my son. However, it never came up with my son and I didn’t feel any urgency to tell someone that he was autistic. The party staff were calm and played with him without any reservation and that made my heart happy.
– Traci M., Murfreesboro, TN

We also had an autistic child in our group, and Braeden noticed right away that the music was too loud for him and quickly turned it down. There were so many little details that I appreciated: giving the kids hand sanitizer before going to the party room, writing down the gifts received, taking the gifts to the car.
– Dawn H., Smyrna, TN

My son is really into power rangers and Chance told him he used to be the red ranger that’s why he has red shoes and a red shirt. My son thought that was super cool that he had a real power ranger at his party!
– Ashley J., Murfreesboro, TN

The party bouncers were very interactive with the kids! This surprised me as I thought they would just monitor them and tell them what not to do. They loved playing tag with them!
– Jennifer S., Murfreesboro, TN

This was our third party and it was worry free. Everything was great.
– Constance C., Murfreesboro, TN

All the staff were very helpful and friendly! It was very fun and relaxing party for me and my husband too!
– Lisa S., Murfreesboro, TN

It’s a no fuss no mess 2 hour birthday party-perfect. They were great! I really didn’t have to do anything but bring the kids.
– Kelly B., Murfreesboro, TN

I love the fact you have your own “private time” in the bounce room. No sharing the space with other people. It is a great way to exert a lot of energy. Boys can be wild, crazy, and noisy. Much better for them to jump around at BounceU than at my house.
– Kimberly H., Murfreesboro, TN

Everyone was GREAT!!! From the time I walked in to inquire about the place to the time I stepped out after the party, which they even help you put your gifts, balloons, and any left-over stuff in the car for you. That means they all help from A to Z.
– Shilpa P., Murfreesboro, TN

Our party pro, Lindsey, was awesome! I have two year old twins, and she went out of her way to help them on the bouncers. She had a great attitude and was very helpful. She did a great job maintaining order, too!
– Laura O., Murfreesboro, TN

We had attended a party at Bounce U in the past and it was so good my daughter wanted one too. Everything was AWESOME! This was the best party I've ever hosted because I got to enjoy the party as well.
– Ligia Z., Smyrna, TN

My son was turning 6 and has been to several parties at BounceU and has always had fun. All the children had a wonderful time! Our party staff were great fun for the kids and helpful for the adults. BounceU Murfreesboro is a clean facility that provides the kids ample time to jump and play, to have lunch and dessert, and also helps the parents have a stress-free party for their child. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience.
– Celisa S., Murfreesboro, TN

Great place for a birthday party, makes having a party a breeze and kids have a great time.
– Bridget R., Murfreesboro, TN

Our party at BounceU was more than I could have hoped for! We have attended parties at other bounce places and this exceeded [our] expectations! Our son was treated like a king and told us he had the best birthday ever! Big thank you to your friendly and helpful staff. From planning the party to our confirmation call you guys made it so easy. Our party host was so helpful and kept the kids energized and engaged. My friends who have thrown parties at other places were impressed with how involved with the kids [she] was! She looked like she was having just as much fun as our party goers.
– Melissa S., Murfreesboro, TN

My daughter loves playing on the inflatables, and it was such an easy place for a party. Reasonable prices and no hassle for us. We got to enjoy the party with her! We had a fantastic time for [her] 3rd birthday! She has been asking to go back every day since!
– Heather A., Murfreesboro, TN

I was very happy with BounceU. There is absolutely nothing that I could have asked for that BounceU didn’t supply for my son’s birthday.
– Kim F., Murfreesboro, TN

My daughter attended a party there and wanted her birthday there. We thought it was very well organized and. My daughter had a great time and felt very special. Thank you for doing it with excellence.
– Christy C., Antioch, TN

Great Place. The staff that helped with my daughter’s party are wonderful! Love this Place! So worth the money!!!!!
– Jennifer M., Mufreesboro, TN

Thank you for making something that is important and special a pleasant experience. I would recommend your establishment to anyone. I also really love the fact that all I have to do is show up and everything is taken care of. It takes a load of stress out of a situation that could be a lot of work. Thanks Bounce U!!!
– Lisa B., Mufreesboro, TN

Wow!! Two years in a row of great fun and an awesome birthday experience for my son!! I am so glad we chose to have his birthday party at BounceU again!! our party planners were awesome and a great time was had by kids and parents! Thanks!
– Kelly F., Murfreesboro, TN

The two party pros we had were wonderful! They were so good with the kids, and they had fun doing stuff with them. In the party room, they kept everything going and were so nice!
– Missy M., Murfreesboro, TN

I have told all my friend and neighbors about BounceU and the wonderful service you provided. Thank you for making my 3 year old's birthday party such a success and allowing my husband and me the opportunity to actually enjoy the party as opposed to running around doing everything during the party!!
– Kelly F., Murfreesboro, TN

This place is awesome and made it so easy for me to enjoy the party as well and as much as the children. Staff is extremely friendly, respectful and courteous.
– Windy S., Murfreesboro, TN

Murfreesboro facility was a wonderful experience. I must say we hosted the best party that any of our family and friends ever threw. It was definitely worth the money we spent. No regrets whatsoever. Thank you Bounce U.
– Tanisha W., Murfreesboro, TN

The best hassle-free birthday party you could ask for! Great experience!
– The Holcombs Murfreesboro, TN.

I think ya’ll are just awesome!
– Kim E., Milton, TN

You get to enjoy the big day with your child. No stress, only fun!
– Shannon B., Murfreesboro, TN

We loved it all. Thank you…it was so easy, and as a parent, I got to enjoy the party and actually play myself. Thank you!
– Janelle R., Murfreesboro, TN

The Party Pros were both amazing!
– Meghan M., Murfreesboro, TN

Awesome, Adults can bounce too. I recommend this to everyone.
– Sarah L., Shelbyville, TN

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