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Party Add Ons

Include photos at your kids birthday party!

Click's Pics

When you add Click’s Pics to your party package, we’ll take all the photos so you don’t have to! Then we’ll upload them to our Click’s Pics website, and give you a unique code which you can use to access your photos.

From there you can email your photos to family and friends, share them on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, or download them to your computer to print on your own. Getting great pictures of your child’s birthday party at BounceU couldn’t be easier!

Price: $20.00 per Party
Add Cosmic to your party!


Crank up the excitement at your BounceU Party with out-of-this-world lighting! It adds an extra thrill to our inflatable rides and games, and kids love the glow-in-the-dark accessories. The atmosphere is also perfect for teens and tweens, who especially enjoy this “after-dark” spin on the BounceU experience. You can add Cosmic Bounce to any Party Package, which means you don’t lose any of your favorite features – you just make 'em more cosmic!

Price: $1.50 per Child
Glow Wars

Cosmic Wars

Cosmic Glow Wars!
This amazing NEW experience includes glow lighting, glow necklaces, and the use of our Glow Ball Guns that are a blast! The kids and parents are easy targets and the soft pong balls glow in the dark as the soar through the air...

Adding these guns to your party gets the parents involved and they will have as much fun as the kids.
Glow Wars can be added to any party.
Recommended for ages 6 & up.
Not Recommended for children under 3.

Price: $20.00 and Up


Add bubbles to your party.

Add bubbles to your party.

We have a great party experience for you. We have added a bubble party for the Bounce Stadiums. We will fill the stadium with bubbles for your child's party! You can have this in our first Bounce Stadium. The bubbles will be cycled on and off for approx 10 minutes during your bounce time. We turn the bubbles on for 3 minutes at a time and space it out during one of the Bounce room times, for a total of approx 10 minutes of bubble time! Great fun for the kids!

Price: $15.00 per Party
glitter tattoos

Glitter Tattoos

Let all your bouncers shimmer and shine with their choice
of Glitter Tattoo! One of our Party Pros will bring our
retail station to your private party time!

Price: $2.00 per Child
Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland Spectacular

A wintery birthday party experience for those who love a holiday-themed party!

What's the best part of winter? Why SNOW of course! And what do kids love to do in the snow? Have a snowball fight! Add this new feature to your child's party and the children can enjoy a safe and dry snowball fight in one of our bounce stadiums during your party!

Price: $15.00 per Party
Add more entertainment to your party!


Add one of our awesome entertainers to your party, and make your child’s birthday fabulous!

Nothing entertains a crowd like a special character special characters are the life of the party. Have a particular character in mind? Ask us!

Price: $50.00 and Up
Add Face Painting to any party!

Face Painting

Make your party extra special with super cool face painting! Our artist will decorate each child’s face with cute and colorful designs to match their personality. These awesome decorations will make your party pictures even more fun!


Price: $2.00 per Child
Make it a Pajama Party!

Pajama Party

Add a special twist to your party, and turn it into a funtabulous Pajama Party!

Add a special twist to your late-night or early morning party, and turn it into a funtabulous Pajama Party! Invite your guests to wear their pajamas and socks, and even bring their favorite stuffed animals. Add the Pajama Party upgrade to any party package for an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind celebration!

Pajama party add-ons can be added to any BounceU party package FREE of CHARGE

Price: $0.00 per Party
Kids love BounceU Boppers

BounceU Boppers

The BounceU Bopper is a small blow up hammer decorated to remind you of your great time at BounceU. This makes a great party favor for older children! 36" Boppers $4.00

Price: $2.00
Add Birthday Candles to your Cake!

Birthday Candles

Your wish came true! Add a special glow to your birthday cake with our fun Birthday Candles! INCLUDED WITH YOUR PARTY

Price: $0.00
Autograph Dog

Autograph Dog

A special souvenir for the birthday child to remember their bestest birthday ever!

Price: $8.95
Five Time Bounce Pass

Bounce Pass - Five Time Visit

More bounce for your buck! Our Five-Bounce Open Bounce Pass is good for five admissions to our scheduled Open Bounce sessions.

Price: $40.00
BounceU Basketball

BounceU Basketball

Kids will have hours of fun playing with this 7" basketball featuring our whimsical birthday characters. It’s the perfect way to take a little bit of bounce home!

Price: $5.95
Basketball Hoop

BounceU Basketball Hoop

Fun is a slam dunk with the BounceU Basketball Hoop! Get your game on and play like a pro!

Price: $5.00
Crazy Straw

BounceU Goblet

Your party guests will love our BounceU Goblet with its fun, crazy straw!

Price: $3.25
BounceU Soccer Ball

BounceU Mini Soccer Ball

The BounceU Mini Soccer Ball has lots of bounce! Practice your footwork, or toss it around with your friends, and kick off the fun!

Price: $3.95
Stuffed Sports Bottle

BounceU Stuffed Sports Bottle

Cool, practical, and extra fun! The BounceU Candy Stuffed Sports Bottle is a great alternative to a traditional goodie bag. Includes Buy One Get One Free Bounce Pass.

Price: $3.25
BounceU T-Shirt

BounceU T-Shirt

Show your style by sporting your very own BounceU T-shirt featuring our fun birthday characters! Every day is like your birthday when you’re wearing BounceU gear!

Price: $7.95
Add Goodie Bags to your Party!

Goodie Bags

We make goodie bags easy! Our BounceU Goodie bag is full of fun toys, including a mini BounceU Bopper, birthday jumper, hand tattoos and a spin top.

Price: $3.25

BounceU Schtuff

Balloon Bouquet of Ten Latex Balloons $8.00
Balloon Bouquet of Twenty Latex Balloons $14.00
Bouquet of 4 Latex & 1 Mylar Balloons $7.95
Bouquet of 5 Latex &; 1 Mylar Balloons $8.95
One Latex Balloon $1.00
One Mylar Balloon $3.50
Bounce U Socks $3.50
Bounce U T-Shirts $7.95
Plain White Socks $2.50
Cosmic Glow Necklaces $0.25
Cosmic Moon Blasters $7.00
Bounce U Goblets/Swirly Cup $3.25
Bounce U Goodie Bags $3.25
Bounce U Sports Bottles $3.25
Large Bounce U Boppers $2.50
Personalize Candy Bars $3.25
Birthday Autograph Dog $8.95
Bounce U Boppers $2.50
Bounce U Sports Bottle $2.95
Bounce U Swirlie Cup $3.25
Boys Light Saber $4.00
Click Pics $20.00
Girls Flashing Wand $4.00
Mini Bounce U Basketballs $5.00
Princess Tiara $1.00
Basketball With Hoop $3.00
Cosmic Moon Blasters $7.00
Crazy Face Fuzzy Balls $3.00

Welcome to the best kids birthday party place in Blackwood!

Jumbo-sized fun

Giant inflatable bounce house arenas where kids can leap, lunge and play games until they drop? It's a birthday dream come true, and it's only at BounceU.

In a 100% private space

Feel like your group's got the whole party place to yourselves with your very own inflatable arenas and your own private party room!

Just for U!

This is your kid's birthday party and we know it, so we'll help you select the perfect personalized package of kids' favorite foods, drinks, party favors and more.

Easy, fast, fun

Once you call or book online, our Party Pros are there to help you with everything along the way, from planning to the party's end.
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