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Birthday Parties

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Twelve slices delivered hot to your party room. Unlimited Drinks included and first basic tipping is free.

Individual Serviings (2 slices) $4.00
Adult Pies $17.00
Additional Toppings $2.00
Gourmet Pies (Chicken, Veggie, etc.) $22.00
Kosher Serving (2 slices) $5.00
Adult Kosher Pies $23.00

Sandwich and Wrap Platters

Each platter comes freshly prepared featuring a variety of stuffing combinations PLUS DRINKS, with all of the paper products supplied

Large Sandwich or Wrap Platter-24 srving $95.00
Sandwiches by the Foot (3 ft minimum) $20.00
Small Sandwich or Wrap Platter-12 srving $47.50
Upgrade w/ Fresh Mozzarella & Rst Pepper $3.00
Add beverages to your party!


We stock Coca Cola™ brand Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite and Orange soda. Non-carbonated drinks include: apple juice, fruit punch, lemonade (regular & pink) and water.

Unlimited Cup $0.99
Adult Unlimited Drinks $10.00
Unlimited Coffee $15.00
It's not a party without cake!

Cakes, Cupcakes and Ice Cream

Our cakes are custom-baked by one of the local premier bakeries.

1/2 Sheet Cake w/ Buttercream Icing $38.00
Cold Stone Ice Cream Cake (1/2 sheet) $73.00
Custom Character (regualr or ice cream) $8.00
Cupcakes (30 w/ Buttercream Icing) $30.00
Ice Cream Tub (Vanilla or Neopolitian) $15.95
Dixie Cup (Vanilla or Swirl) $1.00

Catering Trays

Chicken, Veal and Pasta ....... we can provide it all ..... if it comes from an Italian Restaurant ..... we can provide it.......and it will be GOOOOOD !!!!

We can also provide other ethnic foods: Indian (Masala's Express Kitchen); Russian (Just) and Kosher (Levys)

Chicken Fingers and Fries (serves 10) $45.00
Chicken, Veal & Pasta (call for pricing) $0.00
Veggie Samosas (1.95 each - 20 min) $39.00

Salads, Salads and More Salads

Freshly prepared salads to serve to the entire group. Offered in small or large sizes. Potato, macaroni salads & cole slaw are always available to order by the pound (3 lb minimum)

Add Chicken to any salad $10.00
Large Ceasar Salad (serves approx 20) $50.00
Large Garden Salad (serves approx. 20) $45.00
Potato or Mac or Cole Slaw-3lb min-$5/lb $15.00
Small Ceasar Salad (serves approx 10) $30.00
Small Garden Salad (serves approx 10) $25.00
Add food to your party

Fresh Fruit Tray

Fresh mix seasonal fruits for your guest to enjoy. A colorful and healthy addition to your party!!! (4 lbs)

Fruit Tray $25.00
Party Trays

Vegetable Tray

We offer a fresh tray with a variety of vegetables and a yummy dipping sauce. Kids and adults love our fresh veggie tray!!!

Veggie Tray (4 lbs) $20.00
More food options

Snacks & Desserts

Featuring desserts that can be eaten with fingers, this tray includes an assortment of freshly-baked cookies and brownies. Appropriate for youngsters or grown-ups.

We offer a large party bowl of snacks for your guests to munch. You can select from the following popular snacks: potato chips, pretzel, Doritos, and more.

Dessert Tray $25.95
Snack Bowls $4.95

Let's throw the best kids birthday party Eatontown has ever seen!

Jumbo-sized fun

We are the inflatable place, with giant indoor playgrounds, games galore, even a special birthday throne. This is what birthday dreams are made of!

In a 100% private space

Celebrate with only your invited guests in our huge bounce house arenas and your own private party room!

Just for U!

You choose the food, the drinks and party favors - we'll help you customize the best birthday party package for you.

Easy, fast, fun

Planning, party time, clean up… Our Party Pros are with you every step of the celebration. And reservations are as easy as calling or going online.
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