Running a BounceU

There are very few businesses where your primary focus is making the biggest day of a child’s year special.

The Anatomy of a Great Franchisee


Much like the communities we serve, our franchisees are from truly diverse and unique backgrounds and walks of life. While they come from different places, our owners share many things in common. The most important thing they all share is an entrepreneurial spirit.

Shared Values

Does family come first for you? Have you always worried that your boss or company didn’t share your values? Worry no more. We believe in work-life balance. That means the freedom to prioritize your own schedule.

Passion For Partying

Our franchisees and team members pride themselves on bringing birthdays to live every day. As a BounceU franchisee, one of the most important things you need to have is a complete passion to help kids have the time of their life. We work in a word of mouth business where 80% of our customers are people who have attended another party at a BounceU for someone else’s child and want that experience for their kid on their birthday. Those customers hand pick us to ensure their child’s birthday party is special. We expect our owners to carry that out each and every time.

Pride In Their Community

BounceU franchisees are passionate about the areas their stores are located in. They are cognizant of the community they’re a part of and the needs of said community. Stores in our system actively participate in school fundraisers, help build awareness of great causes in the community and provide a space where kids can be themselves in a safe and trusted environment.

Customer Experience

The most important aspect of what we do at BounceU is the customer experience. Our owners are entrusted with continuing our legacy of being the place for the best, 100% private, hassle-free and safest birthday parties for kids. The level of service we provide is one of the biggest reasons we’re one of the best in the crowded kid’s entertainment industry.


At BounceU we’ve undergone an independent audit by our nationally recognized insurance carrier of our facilities and were awarded an A+ rating. We have over a decade of safety experience that we share will all of our franchisees to ensure our facilities are the safest possible.

As a new owner, your job will be to ensure that sterling safety reputation intact. Our specially developed 5-point safety program will help ensure you and your staff keep guests happy and safe in the most fun way possible.

Constantly Evolving

Like any children’s amusement facility, it’s important to find new and exciting events and attractions to keep people coming back to your store. Being the top in the industry means remaining one step ahead of the competition at all times. We help by always looking for new and unique attractions and rides and helping develop creative ideas for ways to book your weekday hours.

Proprietary Customer Service Program

Our easy to implement customer service program is unlike any other in the industry. It is designed to ensure every child and their parents feel extra special on their big day. Ensuring they leave happy and with lifelong memories is paramount to ensuring they become lifelong customers.


The most successful owners are the ones dedicated on making their business better. We love that and that’s why we’re here to help take the stress out of marketing all of your hard work.

We’re In Your Corner

When you agree to join the BounceU Family, you’re getting much more than just a brand name. You’re getting an entire support network. Our tools have been built with all of your needs in mind. From website hosting and management to email marketing, digital marketing, social media creative and more, we’ve got you covered. That’s not all though. You get a network of other owners who are there to help you with best practices and continued learning as well.

Your Website

Each community and business is different and no one understands each better than you. That’s why, unlike other franchise concepts, we allow our franchisees to customize their sites to show off their local offerings, prices and more. We won’t just tell you you’re on your own when it comes to your website. We are constantly monitoring, testing and optimizing it to ensure it delivers the level of customer service you do in stores and most importantly that it shows up in search at the right time for people looking to book a party.

Digital Media Mindset

We live in a digital age and many of the methods that used to work in business marketing like newspapers and magazines ads just don’t provide results anymore. We believe in this ever-changing and complex world of digital marketing it imperative to understand how to reach and engage our customers naturally in their busy lifestyles. BounceU’s team of dedicated digital marketers provide strategies, tools and resources to help promote your business effectively and efficiently. You don’t need to become a digital marketing expert or hire consultants. That’s what we’re here for.


We’re looking for people who like to party. People with big personalities and a desire to deliver a high level experience that makes kids smile ear-to-ear everytime are who we want as our Party Pros. The ideal candidate is someone who enjoys performing and has a superb eye for detail.

It’s All About Fun

Partying is serious business but it doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. We’re looking for franchisees who have a passion to make everyday a party. As a BounceU owner, you must find a staff that shares that same commitment.

Typical BounceU Staff

Let’s be honest. Saying there is a “typical” BounceU Party Pro is unfair. There’s no such thing as a “typical” employee because they all bring a unique energy and perspective to each party. The commonality between everyone who works at our stores is their passion to bring birthdays to life for the kids in attendance at a party. Our goal at BounceU is to always promote from within by fostering an environment that motivates those who work for us to continually learn and improve on the job.

Proprietary Hiring Process

While you can train people to do certain tasks, there are some inherent traits you just can’t teach. Finding the right Party Pros who have gregarious personalities and who are truly passionate about entertaining and interacting with kids and their families can be a difficult task. BounceU’s one of a kind interviewing process helps owners gain a insight on how to hire staff members that isn’t your typical one-on-one interview.

Providing a Support System

Program Mix

Our core business is and always will be 100% private birthday parties but that doesn’t mean we don’t continually evolve. As new competitors and technologies emerge, BounceU is committed to maintaining our spot as the leader in children’s entertainment and continuing to meet the needs of our customers.

Since the begin we’ve prided ourselves on continually enhancing both our birthday and non-birthday party business to increase the bottom line for franchisees. The most successful members of our system never stray from the birthday business but they continually work hard to ensure there are unique and interesting activities to make every event have birthday party flare. From camps to events, field trips and even fundraisers, BounceU and our franchisees have plenty to offer everyone everyday.

Vendor Relations

BounceU and our sister brand Pump It Up are working with vendors on a regular basis to ensure our owners have the right products at the right price at the right time. From our large inflatables for our arenas to the tiniest of toys that we use in our goodie bag options, we use a combined buying power to make sure you have quality products at reasonable prices. In a departure from most franchise systems, we have few “required vendors” which allows you the flexibility to price show for products that meet our standards.

Mission Control Support

One thing that makes our franchise concept standout above the rest is our Mission Control Support Team. They are here to help franchisees 7 days a week covering the hours your stores are open. No question is ever too small or too big for our trained and experience staff to handle. From store operations to financials and everything in between our support team is here to help your store.

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