Own a BounceU!

Quit Your Day Job

Tired of living your life clocking in and out? Why not make partying your job? Create the best kids birthday parties as a BounceU owner!

Be Your Own Boss

We get it. You don’t want to have to answer to someone else anymore. As a BounceU owner it’s your business so you decide how things are done.

Make Kids Smile

For a kid, a birthday is the biggest day of their year. Why not dedicate every day to making that happen? As a BounceU owner that’s exactly what you’ll do!

Do you have what we’re looking for to own BounceU franchise?

We Have Locations Available!

We’re in rapid expansion mode and have more than 40 great locations available for potential new franchisees ready to have their dream of having fun while owning a business become a reality.

Locations Available for Purchase



Not looking to go through the process of building a new store? There are options just for you. We have great locations for resale.



Through partnerships with local real estate agents and landlords, we’ve determined the right locations at the right rent for you.


Territory Available

Thanks to our data analytics team, we’ve pre-selected the best territories throughout the country to be home to the next BounceU locations. The only thing we’re looking for is the owner. It could be you!

Our Brand

Like our sister brand Pump It Up, we’re one of the foremost brands in birthday party entertainment. We accomplish this by offering 100% private and fun parties for kids and a hassle free experience for the parents.

BounceU is an industry leader thanks to its numerous locations throughout the United States. We set the standard for indoor inflatable safety, while providing your community with a fun and healthy family activity.

Getting Started

You’ve heard all about us and now we’re ready to hear from you. If you feel you’re up for the challenge and ready to bring joy to children’s lives on a daily basis contact us today to start the process.

Contact Us Today! 1-866-632-6370

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