Why should you own a BounceU franchise?

Once you understand the simple principle that BounceU was founded on the answer is simple. We believe a kid’s birthday is the biggest day of their year and our purpose is to provide them the best, most exciting and fully private party possible while making it hassle-free for their parents. Are you passionate about having a positive impact on families? We are!

Kids Birthday Parties Matter to Us

BounceU started out of a love for kids and the most special day of their year. That passion has never wavered! That’s why we created the most fun and indoor private birthday party place in the universe for kids with the biggest and best bounce houses available.

We pride ourselves on providing a fun and safe environment that allows families and friends to be themselves just like they would at home. The best part is, it doesn’t matter if the kids jump on our furniture. In fact, it’s what it’s there for! It’s all about giving kids a place to create lifelong memories.

As a BounceU franchisee you can rely on our many years of success to help you establish your franchise and work in a way that is smarter, not harder. We’ve developed the strategies and systems that help run every area of our business. It means you start your business ahead thanks to a wealth of knowledge and you don’t have to worry about getting all of these systems in place— you get to do what you signed up to do: run your business. Let our proven methods take care of the rest.

Beyond Birthdays

While BounceU is where birthdays come to life, we don’t only do birthdays. We like to celebrate all the time and in many different ways. We’ve are continually developing new and cost effective ways to maximize store usage during times there aren’t birthday parties. These offerings include Open Bounce, holiday events, date nights for parents, and other offerings that keep kids wanting to relive the fun they had at their last birthday party. Many franchisees also offer day camps, host field trips, fundraisers and team building parties to help expand what they offer in store.

Competitive Advantages

What makes us different than our competitors? The simple fact that others can’t offer as many kids birthday party options in a 100% private environment. While other places feel like a cattle call, BounceU provides the best indoor bounce houses for your kid and their friends and no one else. Our play areas and party rooms are fun, safe and full service for the parents and kids. It’s those reasons why we’ve been able to build a company with a nationwide footprint that is larger than our closest competitors. The hallmark of our business is our world class customer service and brand reputation along with our private party model, our scale nationwide and our history of success in the space.

Birthday Party Time. Excellent!

BounceU is where birthdays come to life and we do that by continually reinvesting in developing new and fun ways to innovate and evolve the best kids birthday party experience on the planet. Our continued desire to keep the experience fresh and interesting, coupled with our high caliber customer service, helps us to grow our dedicated and passionate repeat customer base by offering birthday parties that are better and easier than those at home. Partying is serious business and we make it our goal to give every child a lasting memory of the best and most customized birthday party they’ve ever had.

Keeping It Simple

What other business can you accurately forecast the volume of business they’ll do over the next 4 to 8 weeks? Not many but at BounceU you can because kids birthday parties typically are planned far in advance. Our business model allows you to understand how to best staff and stock your location in advance for the parties booked which allows you to control your costs.

Attractive Business Model

While our birthday parties primarily are held on the weekends, there are plenty of other opportunities to create the kind of meaningful revenue throughout the week that helps the bottom line. We offer a variety of events such as Open Bounce, Field Trips, parties of all types and many others.

Effective Business Tools

Each BounceU is its own business but as part of our franchise system you’re never on your own. We offer a full suite of tools to our franchisees that independent business owners don’t have at their disposal and couldn’t afford to implement on their own. Here’s a few examples of what we offer to our owners:

Integrated Store
Management System

Our system allows you to track all reservations and party details as well as communicate with your customer database, accept different payment methods and comprehensive business reports.

Customizable Website with
Online Reservations

Unlike other business you may purchase we provide you with and give you control over your own website content through a simple to use Content Management System. We also have built an online reservation system that allows customers to book the party they want online.

Online Birthday
Party invitations

Our ongoing partnership with the best known online invitation company, E-vite, provides our customers with high quality online invitations.

Online waivers and
in-store kiosks

Electronic waivers and in-store kiosks that help ensure your guest safety and track store visits.

Automated Customer
Experience Surveys

Our powerful online customer experience surveys all your customers to inform you about their experience and track the performance of specific employees.

National Call Center

Stores get busy and sometimes calls get missed. We have a solution for that. Our National Call Center is available to all franchisees to ensure they never miss a phone reservation again.

Finding The Right Site

Our dedicated development team will help you through each step of the site selection process. Franchisees are responsible to find a real estate broker in their market to help with location but we provide final approval of the site and build out specifications.

Once you determine your location, our team provides feedback you need to make the right decision on construction and architectural bids. We also review your architectural plans for accuracy and help monitor the effectiveness and timeliness of your new store construction .

Store Opening Process

Once your store is built, our experienced Mission Control agents will help take you through the store opening process. We have a 170-point checklist and timeline that will ensure you don’t miss any detail. Think of it as your cheat sheet for opening your BounceU.


Our tried and true training program is here to get you started. We provide a 6.5 hour preliminary online course, a 10 day franchise training at our home office in Scottsdale, Arizona and a 5 day store opening training at your actual location.

The training doesn’t stop when your store opens. Our online knowledge base provides a wealth of knowledge that will help you with the day-to-day operation of your location.

Mission Control

We’ve got your pack 7 days a week. Our Mission Control team is here during all store business hours across the four time zones and can answer any of your questions and help troubleshoot any problems. From marketing plans to staff issues and everything in between, our strategic support staff is here for you.

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