As the famous philosopher Homer Simpson once said, “mmmmmm bacon….”

If your little one loves bacon as much as our aforementioned fictitious friend, why not have a bacon birthday party? It’s not as crazy as it sounds. OK, maybe it is, but it will be delicious and will make their birthday party one they will never forget.

Exactly how would you accomplish such a feat though? It’s as simple as these three steps.

Play Bacon Themed Birthday Party Games

You would think there would not be a lot of bacon themed games. You’d be wrong though. From homemade games to ones you can purchase at the store you can go hog wild — pun completely intended — when it comes to the bacon related activities at your kid’s birthday party.

For example, why not play a game of “Pin the Bacon on the Griddle”? Like the kids birthday party favorite pin the tail on the donkey, you have kids spin around blindfolded with a paper piece of bacon and attempt to see which child can get closest to pinning it in the middle of the griddle. (EDITOR’S NOTE: If you think we mean an actual griddle and not a paper approximation of one, maybe you shouldn’t take on a DIY birthday party project for your kids.)

Thinking of games in more of the board variety? Oh, we’ve got that for you too.

Try on Bacon-Opoly for size.

This take on the classic Monopoly board game will give your kid and their guests more than their fill of bacon related fun.


Have a Bacon Pinata

It’s not a kid’s birthday party without a pinata. Alright, so it is one, but it’s not as much fun. You know how you add a little more sizzle to it though? Make it a bacon pinata.

It won’t cost you an arm and a leg either. All it takes is a few cardboard boxes, duct tape, red and white crepe paper, fringe scissors and a gluestick.

Our friends over at Happiness is Homemade walk you through the simple steps and even make some suggestions on great bacon themed toys and candies to fill your new creation with.  

Make a Bacon Birthday Cake and Treats

You didn’t think we could get through a bacon themed kids birthday party list without some actual bacon, right?

If you want to keep it simple and traditional you can always go the maple bacon candy route. It’s bacon, brown sugar, maple syrup and an oven. It doesn’t get much easier, sweeter and saltier than that.

Looking for something closer to a more traditional birthday cake for your bacon loving birthday boy or girl? We found an amazing recipe for a chocolate bacon cake that has all the sugary goodness guaranteed to satisfy their sweet tooth and the salty bacon goodness to satisfy their tummy.

Sometimes the best cake option for a kid’s birthday party is the smaller and more portable cupcake route. We’ve got a bacon angle for that covered too. Check out these great chocolate maple bacon cupcakes that the Food Network has the 411 on.

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