Want to ensure the “Force Awakens” at your child’s next birthday? Then follow these three must dos our Party Pros have compiled to make the perfect Star Wars themed party!

  1. Lightsabers are a Must
  2. If you’re going to have a Star Wars party Lightsabers are the one thing that will make the theme instantly recognizable. But how do you make them safe and affordable so all kids in attendance can join the Force? (For the party organizer’s sake, we hope no one wants to join the Dark Side during the party.)

    There are few options that are fun for all involved. The first is to use bubble wands, which can be purchased online as cheap as $9/dozen, and duct tape to create the perfect lightsaber. You get a safe and inexpensive version that also has a surprise inside, bubbles. What kid doesn’t love bubbles? Click here for simple instructions on how to assemble.

    If bubbles aren’t your thing, using pool noodles is a fun and colorful way to make lightsabers for the kids. All you’ll need is the noodles, that you can find at a local dollar store, duct tape and some imagination to create some safe fun for your little Jedis.

  3. Food From a Galaxy Far Far Away
  4. What’s a party without great food? The answer is, not much of one. Why not turn your ordinary party fare into something out of this world?

    There are very simple and affordable ways to add Star Wars flair to your regular party food.

    Storm Trooper marshmallows are a fun snack that takes very little effort. All it takes is a jumbo marshmallow, large marshmallow, a black edible marker and lollipop stick. You can get the full instructions here.

    Pretzel stick Lightsabers are a fun finger food that even the kids could help you make. All it takes is a bag of pretzel sticks, a bowl, and some different color candy melts, which you can pick up at the grocery store, to dip them in.

    Sometimes you don’t have to make anything at all. It can be as simple as some creative labeling in front of the food. Things like barbecue chips transform into Boba-que chips or simple soda becomes Yoda Soda. Even the little things can spark a child’s imagination. The possibilities are endless.

  5. Put on your Star War(s)drobe
  6. They say as an adult you have to dress the part. The same goes for kids at a theme party. You can always use the force on the parents of those who will be in attendance to make them dress their kids in Star Wars gear. If you’re a little rusty on the mind control, here are a few fun ways to make your own Jedi robes and Princess Leia headbands.

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