Here on The Party Room we more often than not show you some great DIY kids birthday party projects. Well, today we’re encouraging you not to try this at home as we’ve found some of the greatest kids birthday confections from around the internet made by professionals.

Don’t take this as a knock on your skills. We just know how much of a time constraint there is on today’s parents and these are the kind of cakes that would have us all pulling our hair out if we actually attempted to make them in our home kitchen. But hey, they’re nice to look at and we imagine they’d taste just as good if we could have a slice of them.

So kick back, relax and enjoy.

1. The LEGO Birthday Cake


A photo posted by Almond Erbil (@almond.erbil) on

2. Harry Potter Was Here

3. Donut? Don’t Mind if I Do!

4. RRRRRR…You Ready For Birthday Cake?

5. Pikawho? Pickachu Birthday Cupcake

6. Some Birthday No. 1 Fun!

Eye of the tiger… #ROAR #celebrateeverything #firstbirthday 😍 @mslollygirl

A photo posted by @vanillabakeshop on

7. Who You Gonna Call … on Your Birthday?

I ain't afraid of no ghost! #ghostbusters #whoyougonnacall

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8. Cool Birthday Cake Bro

For once, the princess is in the right castle! 🍄👸🏼🎮 #NationalVideoGamesDay

A photo posted by @charmcitycakes on

9. Birthday Party Time is Adventure Time!

#AdventureTime #customcupcakes #Mathematical

A photo posted by Trophy Cupcakes (@trophycupcakes) on

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