Rarely do people get excited when they know the garbage man is coming. Usually they’re slightly disgruntled due to the loud, rumbling that accompanies the truck’s arrival or the fact they forgot to take the can to the curb. For one little girl in Bloomington, Illinois though, the arrival of the garbage man is the best part of her entire week.

According to the USA Today, 3-year-old Brooklyn Andracke’s favorite day of the week is Thursday because that’s the day garbage man Delvar Dopson stops by the neighborhood. Brooklyn stands at the window every week at that time and waits for Dopson who always makes sure to honk and wave as he stops in front of her house.

This year Brooklyn’s birthday happened to fall on her favorite day of the week and her new friend found a way to make it one she’ll never forget.

So Brooklyn stood at the end of her driveway, holding a wrapped cupcake, waiting for the big truck to arrive. Delvar’s truck came roaring down the street and stopped in front of Brooklyn’s home. He popped out of his garbage truck and the two met for the first time. Brooklyn was speechless. Brooklyn’s mom told Delvar how much his honks and waves meant to them.

That wasn’t all though. A week later Delvar stopped his truck in front of Brooklyn’s house with a special birthday gift in his truck for his little friend. He brought her a basket full of items from her favorite movie Frozen.

It’s the little things that can brighten up a child’s day and make it even make a birthday memorable. Sometimes it can even be a garbage truck with a very sweet garbage man behind the wheel.

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