Saving the world isn’t for most people. But kids think it’s pretty cool. Victors and villains captures, and getaways and recaptures blend into urban backgrounds where shadowy figures cower from the bright light of truth and justice. And how about all the action?! Bringing all of that fun to life and stoking your kiddo’s imagination might seem like a supersize challenge. But we’re here to help with some tips to keep this adventure from morphing into a sinister tale.

With decades of experience hosting the best kid’s birthday parties on the planet, our Party Professionals share their perfect plots to put the super in your superhero birthday party. And while our fun centers are closed to make sure everyone stays safe, follow the guide below to throw your own super superhero party at home.

Select a superhero. Does your little one go bonkers for Batman? Maybe your daughter is wild for Wonder Woman? Focus your theme on a superhero and invite siblings and even pets to join the fun.

Create a cake. Over the years, we’ve seen some great cakes. From that hulking green humanoid to the webbed wonder, put your super subject on center stage and design from there. And while supplies can be limited, many grocery store bakeries are churning out cakes and are happy to help with advance notice.

Pick out party supplies. Plates that say POW! Cups showcasing the caped crusader. And even placemats created with copies from comic books. We’ve seen it all. Some of the largest selections are available online or can be ordered over the phone and picked up curbside.

Prepare to play. Action! Parties equal playtime. While you can’t run wild in our huge arenas, the kiddos can go crazy outside. But priming little imaginations with, say, a plot to stop the overthrow of Meggatown will put their minds in as much motion as their bodies. This is where the big kids (that means you, moms, and dads) really shine.

“As busy as parents always are, kids love it when their moms and dads act silly with them,” says Caitlin Richards, a longtime BounceU party pro. “To them, it can seem like a superhero thing when mom puts down her phone and streaks into action.”

Be the bad guy or gal. Every superhero needs a villain. But instead of transforming kids into kryptonite-wielding bad guys, parents should play the part. Maybe Mamavex has unearthed blueprints to Meggatown Merchant Bank and plans to empty the vault. Before the heist, she’s hiding out. Send the good guys to capture her before it’s too late! But watch out for her sliding escape!

Keep The Action Going. Thankfully, Mamavex was captured. Your squad of superheroes can use cardboard boxes to keep this villain behind bars. But wait! It looks like Dadoom has fled across the river with the blueprints. Send your superheroes through a homemade obstacle course in hot pursuit!

Prepare to party. As the kids wind down, prepare your party space. Order some pizzas and put out the punch. The only limit is the imagination.

Time for food and fun. Chasing down Mamavex and Dadoom burned a lot of energy. But with hot pizza or cool sandwiches and cold drinks awaiting, your superheroes will be ready to spring into cake-eating action in a flash!

Relax. With the action winding down, everyone should be wiped out. After all, throwing birthday parties is hard enough – even for super parents of superheroes.

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