For a lot of people, their birthdays tend to be the most joyful days of the year! They inspire happiness, love, humor, and companionship. Worldwide, birthdays are honored in various ways by different communities. At BounceU, we frequently sing “Happy Birthday,” exchange gifts and party favors, eat pizza, indulge in some delectable cake, and bounce on huge inflatables to celebrate! Below are some other nations’ unique ways of honoring birthdays through celebrations.


Did you know that “antiquing” is a really entertaining birthday custom in Jamaica? It’s where, by surprise, the birthday child ends up coated in flour by their loved ones! Following the “antiquing,”, the big day is frequently celebrated with either a planned or secret celebration. A Jamaican rendition of “Happy Birthday” is sung by all partygoers, as delectable Jamaican cuisine and cake are presented to the recipient. Jamaica isn’t the only place where “antiquing” is a thing. In Brazil, they throw eggs instead of flour!


There are plenty of entertaining traditions in Ireland! “Bumping” the birthday kid is one of them. This comes in different forms. One form involves an adult gently turning the child upside down and touching their head on the floor. The child’s age is reflected in the number of bumps, which can occasionally be increased for good fortune in the upcoming year. Friends and family members get together to celebrate and partake in delectable Irish dishes. Upon turning 21, a person receives the “key of the house,” signifying their entry into adulthood and unrestricted mobility.

Cake with straberries and blue berries

Norwegians are amazing at celebrating birthdays. It’s a time to enjoy music, dance, cuisine, and general joy. Children even get to celebrate in class on their birthday if it happens on a school day! A Norwegian birthday celebration will have a variety of delicious delights, such as seafood, fresh fruit, and sweets, including the cake, which is typically made of savory fruit and cream or chocolate. The Norwegian birthday song “Hurra for Deg” makes us want to get up and dance when we hear it!


In the lucky provinces of Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia, children’s birthdays are celebrated by greasing the children’s noses! This makes them too slick for “ill luck” to catch them. It is said that this custom was brought to Eastern Canada from Scotland.

kids around pinata pulling the string to let candy out

Adding birthday customs to your own family is something you can start at any time! You could introduce a custom this year that your child could carry on when they grow older and have kids of their own. Visit for more fantastic birthday ideas.

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