When it comes to birthday partiers there are very few things that are universal for kids of differing ages and genders. From Monster High to Marvel Superheros it’s next to impossible to find a consensus among kids as to what they like. There is one thing that every kid at one time or another loves though and that is teddy bears.

What kid didn’t grow up with at least one bear that was attached to them everywhere they went the way an adult does with their smartphone? For most it was their first love, well after you, their parent.

So why not tap into that by making a teddy bear themed birthday cake?

Yes, it sounds daunting and time consuming and, we won’t lie to you, it will be. But we’ve found a few ways to make it a little less of both. Oh, and don’t worry, we’ve found examples for both the beginner and the weekend baking warrior among us.

DIY Teddy Bear Birthday Cake For Beginners

If your most advanced understanding of cake is how to eat it and not how to make it, this is probably the teddy bear birthday cake for you. This video from Cakes By Chopp A shows how to use simple stencils, frosting and fondant to create a cute and cuddly bear that’ll warm any little kid’s heart.

As long as your scissor skills are at an acceptable level you should be able to complete this cake and the steps are simple enough that even your birthday boy or girl could lend a helping hand.

Graduate Level Teddy Bear DYI Birthday Cake

Have you graduated past level 101 cakes and ready to start studying for your masters in baking? This teddy bear birthday cake will test your skills and likely your patience too. Over 600,000 people have watched this “how to” video from the YouTube channel How to Make That and we’re guessing about 100 of them have actually made it look this good. If you can accomplish it though, you’ll have one of the cutest and most realistic teddy bear birthday cakes of any kids birthday party out there.

A Non Birthday Cake Teddy Bear Option

Don’t feel like making a cake but want a teddy bear treat option for your kid’s birthday party? Guess what, we found that for you too. Everyone’s favorite baking expert, Betty Crocker — we like to imagine she’s a real person — shared an amazing recipe for these adorable teddy bear cookie pops that are perfect for any kid’s birthday party!

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