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Ka-Chow! It’s party time and if you’re searching for a cool theme that will get your little one’s motor running, don’t look any farther than “Cars 3.”

The Disney/Pixar classic got new life with the recent release of the third installment in the family-friendly car racing series. Lightning McQueen and his cast of witty cars and trucks has been a mainstay with the pre-school through early elementary set since McQueen drove onto the scene in 2006. Let’s head to the start line and get this party started.

Where to have a Cars Party

If you want to throw a “Cars 3” themed party, you don’t need to make a beeline to Radiator Springs. You can easily have one at your local BounceU.

For this type of party, It’s all about the decor. Decorate your private party room with everything “Cars”. These decorations are easy to find and may even be available through your local BounceU.

How to Make a Cars Cake

Cupcakes make for a great, shareable Cars-themed snack.Via Flickr

Thanks to Pinterest, there’s no shortage of cute McQueen or Mater cake and cupcake ideas. But, if you’re not channeling your inner Martha Stewart, head to your local bakery and order racing-style cupcakes. Or, go the boxed route and make your own using “Cars” cupcake wrappers. Top off the homemade cupcakes with red icing and a McQueen ring.

Play Some Cars Racing Games

Games are a great way to get everyone involved in the Cars experience.

If your party is at a BounceU, then the “play” part is covered. But, it’s always good to have a few games as well. Start with all types of racing games from relay races to balloon races to three legged races.

The BounceU bubbles experience fills the inflatable arena, where kids can have a bubble dance party to the “Cars” theme song “You Might Think.” These are available at some BounceU locations.

Win the Race with “Cars” Paper Products

Decorations are key to making any Cars-themed party a success.Via Flickr

You’ve already dressed up the room in “Cars” racing flags and tablecloths. Finish the theme with “Cars 3” paper plates, napkins and cups.

What Are Some Great Cars Goody Bags

Depending on your budget, putting together a “Cars 3” themed goody bag or parting gift is a breeze. “Cars” paraphernalia is easy to come by these days online, at your local dollar store or party store. Pick up “Cars 3” party bags and fill them with treats, “Car” stickers or a small “Cars” toy.

For more fun-tastic celebration tips, drive over to the Party Room!

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