What does it take to throw the best birthday party for a 3-year-old girl (other than having a daughter that is turning 3)? It also takes a few key elements to make it special for her and memorable for you.


A Special Birthday Outfit


It may seem overly simple, but finding a special birthday outfit for your little girl will show her that you think the day is as important as she does. This doesn’t mean you stuff her into something you necessarily want. It’s all about making it fun for her.

If she loves mermaids, make her a special mermaid dress.


Is she obsessed with the movie Frozen? Ok, it’s a dumb question. Every 3-year-old girl is. Then get her a custom Elsa or Anna shirt and a tutu to match.


Is she just a fan of bright colors? Then get cute and festive.


It’s all about the accessories! Be sure to load up on those finishing touches like bracelets, headbands (or bows), crowns or hats to make her feel like the birthday princess she is.

As you can tell, the options are a vast as her – imagination is. So why wouldn’t you devote a day that’s all about her and go the extra mile by making her outfit extra special for her too?


You’ll Need the Right 3rd Birthday Cake


She now has the fun outfit but that’s not the most important part of what you’ll need to make the party great for her. What you’ll need for that is a fun and unique cake that is as interesting as it is delicious.

Don’t worry though. You don’t have to spend lots of money at a fancy custom bakery. There are plenty of do it yourself 3rd birthday cake solutions. Here are a few of our favorites.


No. 3 Birthday Cake

One of our favorites is this No. 3 birthday cake. It’s functional as it makes it very clear that it is a 3rd birthday party for your daughter but is also extremely cute. Oh, and the best part is that it’s easy to accomplish. Check out the recipe and instructions over at EnchantedMommy.com.



Frozen Elsa and Anna Doll Birthday Cake


If you’ve already got your little birthday girl in a Frozen outfit why not get the birthday cake to match. The ladies over at Nerdy Nummies on YouTube have the confection perfection to make your daughter smile. They’ve created Elsa and Anna doll cakes and provided a fantastic step-by-step video, no, not the bad 1990s sitcom — to show you how to make it.


Colorful Cupcake and M&Ms Birthday Cake Alternative

Looking for something a little more mobile that your birthday girl and her friends can enjoy on the go? This is probably the most simple 3rd birthday cake solution we have on the list but it’s also super cute. It’s a simple homemade cupcake with bright frosting in a plastic wine glass with M&Ms. Easy to do and fun to look at. It’ll match even the brightest of birthday outfits.



Butterfly Cupcake Art 3rd Birthday Cake


Cupcake art is all the rage at kids birthday parties. If you’re feeling extra adventurous our friends over at Better Homes and Garden have a recipe for this very cute butterfly cupcake art birthday cake. Perfect for the 3-year-old birthday girl that loves bright colors and cupcakes.



Peeps Flower Birthday Cake


Last but not least is a cake make for any birthday girl who loves flowers. This creative masterpiece from Mrs. Betty Croker, we like to imagine she’s one very creative woman doing everything, is a sunflower birthday cake made with the sweet marshmallow treat known as Peeps.

You can get all the instructions for this cute birthday cake here.


Last but not least, let’s not forget about the Jan Brady of birthday treats…the cake pops. Yes, these trendy cake pops are the new, fun way for little ladies to celebrate their 3rd birthday. Fancy it up with these super easy cake pops, courtesy of Craftsy.

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