Summer is officially in full force. This means no school, no homework and no lack of birthday parties. With varying temperatures around the country, it’s good to have a variety of party options. We gathered a list of some awesome summer birthday party ideas that are sure to be fun for everyone.

Carnival Party

Touting bright colors, games, prizes, and fun food, carnivals are already a party in motion. Set up booths with blankets and summer linens from your closet, have the kids play games like ring toss, and pop up a ‘food tent’ with colorful garlands and fun treats. Then all you need to do is let your kids loose and you have an awesome carnival-themed birthday party perfect for the kids.

Pro tip: This type of party can be had indoors and out. BounceU offers a great space to have a carnival party without getting too sweaty – or having to clean up!

Let It Glow!

Glow-in-the-dark parties are a fun theme that offers an opportunity to stay cool.

Take it indoors or throw a night party for a glow in the dark birthday bash. Glow sticks, bracelets and other items make these parties fun and provide a great take-home gift. Kids are sure to go a little wild with activities like glow-in-the-dark-versions of traditional party games.

Black lights and special effects lighting, like the Cosmic experience at BounceU, pumps up the fun at any party. The kids will have an awesome time seeing everything light up, including their teeth!

Pro tip: Many BounceU locations offer ‘Cosmic’ and ‘Cosmic Wars’ parties featuring many of these items.

Camping Party

We all know that summer is the perfect time to head out to the mountains for a family camping trip. But, you can bring the campsite to your own backyard. Outfit your little campers with explorers’ packs filled with binoculars, trail mix, notepads and water bottles and let them go on a scavenger hunt for toys and prizes. Mom and dad can set up a s’mores station for treats and roast hot dogs while partygoers play capture the flag.

Pro tip: Don’t have a fire pit? No sweat! Make your hot dogs over a grill and create a fake fire out of red and orange hula-hoops and let the kids pretend to roast things like balloons and tell ghost stories.

Fair warning – This type of party can be very labor intensive … and don’t even get us STARTED on the mosquitos.

Superhero Party

Every kid wants to be a superhero, this theme helps make it possible.

It’s a bird … it’s a plane … it’s a totally awesome superhero-themed birthday party! With superhero movies pouring into theaters during the summer, your kids are sure to want to flex their super muscles.

Have party guests dress up as their favorite superhero or, if they don’t have a costume, set up a superhero costume station with things like capes, wristbands, masks and crowns. Lay out kryptonite-themed rock candy suckers for energy and shine the bat signal on your living room wall by putting a bat cutout over a light.

Pro Tip: Instead of searching for super party decor, check with your local BounceU. Many locations have super hero favors, paper goods and more in-stock for your party.


BounceU is a great location to host any summer party.

Put some bounce in your party planning with a private birthday bash at BounceU. With wall-to-wall fun for kids of all ages, BounceU is sure to entertain all party guests with its family-friendly fun.

Made to host awesome birthday parties, BounceU has enormous inflatable playgrounds – completely private to you and your party guests – and everything parents need to let birthday partygoers have fun while staying cool indoors. All parties can be tailored to whatever theme your birthday boy or girl is looking for including a special cosmic, glow-in-the-dark setup. With options to fit your budget, party size and food menu, BounceU makes it super easy to stop worrying about planning and just have fun. Head to for more info on how you can get your next awesome birthday party set up.

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