Have a birthday party coming up and need a theme, but don’t you want the same old decor, food and games? Race car birthday party ideas are exciting, include simple to make or buy items and can center around all sorts of races, cars or race tracks for your child to choose from, so you know they’re going to love it. We’re going to take you through each phase in this article to make your race car themed party come in at No. 1.

Select a Theme

When it comes to a race car themed birthday party, there are so many different options. Your birthday boy or girl can choose from the Indy 500 to classic cars to Fast and Furious movies. Other themes to consider: NASCAR, modern vehicles, Hot Wheels, or even the favorite model, like Mustang or Ferrari! Consider the age of your child if you aren’t sure which theme you should pick. If they turn one, their “First Race” theme and NASCAR decorations are a fun idea for the celebration. Or maybe they’re four and you want to do a theme for “Four and Fast”. This theme helps you to incorporate modern or classic, all sorts of fast cars.

Tickets to the Race

Invitations are the first introduction, to your guests, of your party’s theme… so make it unforgettable! Of course, all the appropriate information on the invites will need to be included, but you can also have some fun with it and use racing or birthday puns to make your guests smile. Try to make your own or use the puns from above.

If you’re crunched for time, go ahead and check out the race car themed invitations in your nearest party supplies shop. Some can allow for a lot of personalization while others don’t, but they still get the job done for an affordable price.

Speedy Decor

Race car themed decorations for birthday parties can be a fun DIY project or can be found in stores depending how much time you have before the party date and how much you want to spend. As always, when preparing for decorations, consider the age of your kid, likes/dislikes, hobbies, the season and your location. If you have a party in your private home, when it comes to hanging ribbons and banners, or getting larger decor in the venue, you have all the versatility you need. If you have booked a party place, just make sure you ask the workers what you are allowed to bring in and what they already have on site.

Need a clear option? Amazon has some quality bundle packages that are race car themed for you to choose from. Flags and cones are easy to make and don’t need much if you plan to go the DIY route. There are also printable templates you can find online if you want anything more advanced.

Fuel Up

Nothing makes kiddos and guests want to eat like after a big race! Consider what time of day the visitors are going to eat and even whether only children are going to eat the food or if the adults are also snacking. You can’t go wrong with “racing fuel” or juice boxes, brownie “stoplights” or dipstick pretzels, if you just have the little ones to think about. It’s fun to eat, and they suit your theme. Have some more substantial meals if you have adult parents and family members coming to the party, and of course, make sure you have options for those who might have dietary restrictions.

And you can’t have a racing themed birthday party with a race car theme cake! There are some wonderful cake shops that can duplicate almost any car or race track, but they can be expensive. Baking your own cake is an alternative option to this. As you or the birthday boy or girl would like, you can use a race car themed cake pan and decorate them. Not a fan of baking? Consider buying store-bought cupcakes and finding race car themed toppers to decorate them with.

Off to the Races

The party activities, in addition to food, are also what people enjoy and talk about most from a party. You can either go very big or simple with this type of theme, depending on budget, location and how long the party is going to last. A rental facility will most likely provide you with various types of activities for different ages and price points. If you’re at home having a party, you can get creative. Relays, balloon races, sack races and red light green light are some fun games to play that suit your theme and will have all ages participating. If you have a wide-open space, most of these physical games can be done indoors, but if the weather permits, take the group outdoors!

Try to find fun projects for the kids to do or set up a racing game on the TV, if you don’t have much room or if people need some time to rest. Mario Kart is always a hit.

Race Car Inspired Party Favors

Leave your guests with a little something to remember this fast and furious day. Like decor, party favors can be bought or made at home. If you have a lot of people coming to the party, the best way to go, price and timing-wise, might be to purchase the favors in big packs. Plus, it takes far less time to bring a couple of quality things together in a bag, than to make individual favors for everyone. Including both could be the best option! Purchase a few pullback cars and checkered flag tattoos and add your own “nuts and bolts” snack, a.k.a homemade trail mix.

Guests, family and friends will love this race car themed birthday party full of speed, snacks and photo-finishes, no matter what theme your little racer chooses. Have you had a race car themed birthday party? Show us photos of you and the birthday boy or girl enjoying a day full of fun. For more birthday ideas and tips, visit www.bounceu.com.

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