Three years ago, Frozen, the movie, made its big debut. And it has been going strong ever since. I know, that’s a little crazy to think about. We’ve had that song stuck in our heads for three years now.

And I’m willing to bet your little girl won’t “let it go” any time soon.

Let me guess. You’re reading this because Elsa and Anna are the only Disney characters your daughter seems to care about. And your job is to figure out a way to make her birthday party stand out from all the other Frozen themed parties she’s been to at her friend’s houses.

Before you hyperventilate, we’ve done all the hard work for you. From the food to the decorations and everything in between, you’re covered.

Birthday Party Food

Not every offering you have needs to be specifically linked to the Frozen theme. Just throw in a few “Frozen accents” around other foods and no one will really know the difference. Of course, if you want, you can choose to make everything follow the theme. But that task isn’t for the faint of heart.

Add in things like blue or clear rock candy, blue jello “ice blocks,” baby carrots as snowman noses, marshmallow snowballs, chocolate covered strawberries as frozen hearts, and blue lemonade to look like ice. Those will make your child and all her friends catch a chill–the good kind!

Party Decorations

It all starts with the invitations. These will set the tone for the whole party. Stun guests with a shiny cut-out of Elsa’s castle or a fancy paper snowflake wand both detailing the events to unfold while leaving a bit of mystery to it all. Then, you deliver on those promises through the party decorations. Here are just a few ways to make your home look and feel like a Frozen palace:

• Hang blue and white streamers and snowball garlands from the ceiling,
• Make balloons into columns that look like part of Elsa’s ice creation,
• Create paper snowflake table runners for chilly food time fun,
• Give your home a winter wonderland feel with tissue paper snowballs of all different sizes,
• Spray aerosol snow onto window panes to bring the snow even in summer,
• Make styrofoam depictions of Olaf to add some laughs, and
• Craft snowflake and tulle wreaths to hang from doors and windows.

And make sure to make a costume for your little one. She should look like the Ice Queen herself, a real-life Elsa, braided hair, blue dress and all. She is the Queen of the party, right?

Games and Crafts

“Do you want to build a snowman?”

Allow kids to make Olaf out of marshmallows, pretzels, and other accessories you’ve laid out. They can even eat him afterwards!

Or make life sized pieces of felt that the kids can stick to the wall to make a snowman indoors, you know, if doing it outdoors isn’t an option.

“Pin the nose on Olaf”

There are tons of Olaf Printables available online, so this really only requires a color printer and a blindfold! Can’t get much easier than that!

“Snowman Photobooth”

Have toilet paper, scarves, and hats laying around the house? You have all you need! Have the kids wrap each other up in toilet paper, put on hats and scarves, and add any other snowman flare they choose. Then, have them pose while you take silly snowman pictures!

“Accessorize Frozen Style”

Have the kids create wands, snowflake hair pins, Elsa’s crown, Sven’s antlers, or whatever else they can think of to wear during the party.

Party Favors

You can’t send guests home empty handed! Give out baggies of edible “snowman parts,” that include marshmallows, pretzels, chocolate chips, and candy corn.

Give out a snowman in a jar. You only need white Play-Dough, in two ball shapes, placed in a jar, with a lid. Then add decoration to the outside to make it look like a snowman inside. Kids will have fun with this for hours.

Order Frozen themed M&Ms. Have your favorite Frozen image printed on M&Ms that you can separate into gift baggies for guests to nibble on.

Pair cute blue or white fabric gloves with a snowflake charm and an adorable quote like “Warm my heart and I’ll warm your hands.” This will be the gift that keeps on giving throughout those cold winter months.

The Takeaway

You really can’t go wrong with this Frozen theme, as long as you use lots of shades of blue, with white accents, things that look wintery, and characters from the movie dispersed throughout your home.

What’s most important is to put your little girl’s own flare into her party so she and her friends feel it is unique to the birthday girl. After all, a girl should feel special on her birthday, right?

Looking for more birthday party theme tips? We have an entire section of them here. Or skip the hassle and get the easiest party you’ve ever thrown at one of our BounceU locations.

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