Summertime birthdays are the best because of the sun, cool nights, and limitless possibilities! Explore 4 distinct birthday celebration concepts to honor your child’s birthday this summer. Make memories that will last a lifetime by having your party outside and taking advantage of the nicer weather and sunshine. Some ideas for parties include garden parties, Going-for-the-Gold parties, create-your-own pizza parties, and backyard cinema extravaganzas.

Garden Party

This summer, throw a garden party and get the kids’ hands dirty! Allow kids to express their artistic side by letting them paint and decorate their own plant containers. Being messy is okay—it’s all part of the fun! Provide everything they require and set up a potting station outside. Assist the children in planting by filling the containers with soil. Incorporate the theme with mouthwatering dirt pudding or buttercream flower cupcakes that will please everyone. Give your young gardeners a personalized watering can to take home, and let them select two or three seed packets to start something fresh in their own backyard, making a memento of their garden party experience!

Going-for-the-Gold Party

If your birthday kiddo is excited to see their favorite athletes participate in July in Paris this summer, arrange a Go-For-The-Gold celebration! To begin, set up a craft station where participants can make their own team flags using construction paper, markers, and crayons. Give out noisemakers and let the birthday child lead the party in an opening ceremony by making a torch out of tissue paper and construction paper cones. Arrange a number of relay events and obstacle courses for the visitors to take part in. To commemorate your guests’ victories during the Games, create a podium out of boxes or furniture that you may already have! Then, present each guest a personalized medal!

Kids with mom making pizza adding cheese and toppings
Make Your Own Pizza Celebration

Since pizza is a common food at birthday parties, why not let your guests create their own? To reduce mess, give each of your little chefs a personalized kids’ apron. Assemble a station ahead of time with pizza bases, bowls of pre-chopped toppings, and a space set aside for making personalized pizzas. Give the kids free rein and let their inner chefs loose! Allow them to produce their own culinary works of art. Keep a few extra slices for a pizza relay race in the yard once the pizzas are served. The winning team is the one who finishes first with the pizza remaining on their dish! Take the kids’ chef’s cap and aprons home with them as a delightful memento of their pizza-making experiences.

Table set up with assortment of candy and backdrop for movie projector in the background

Outdoor Film Festival Extravaganza

Enjoy your child’s favorite movie, munchies, and treats while lounging under the stars with their buddies on their birthday! Arrange cushions and blankets to create a warm and inviting space for the youngsters to sprawl out in the yard. A few fairy light strings will create the atmosphere, and bug repellent will be needed to keep the animals away. Arrange a popcorn bar complete with candies and goodies to create the illusion that you are watching the newest blockbuster movie at the theater. For an unforgettable birthday celebration, project a movie onto a sheet or the exterior of your home while you unwind beneath the stars!

Like these suggestions but prefer to combat the summer heat rather than melt in it? BounceU is the place to bring the party! Provide your guests with a sports-themed obstacle course to complete during your private celebration in the arenas. Organize a pizza relay with your Party Professionals at the tables in your exclusive party area, or send your visitors home with everything they need to make homemade flower arrangements and decorate pots, or even just the necessities for a movie night at home! Go to for additional inspiration and the definitive guide to the best birthdays on the planet!

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