If you have school-aged kids, party invitations usually start rolling in come back to school time. Sometimes, it may feel like your kiddos are invited to more get-togethers than you are. Never fear! Birthday celebrations for your kid’s friends can be just as cool for moms and dads since you get to make new connections too. Of course, if all else fails, there’s always pizza and cake.

The biggest concern for parents when it comes to upcoming birthday parties is what to get the birthday boy, especially if the party is for a classmate that you don’t know very well.

We have some amazing can’t-miss gift ideas that will take the stress out of birthday gift buying.



This timeless toy is a perfect pick for a party gift. Legos got their start back in the 1930s and have continued to be a mainstay even in today’s technology-centered world. They’re even hotter now because of the popularity of the Lego movies. Boys love putting together sets and playing with the end results or getting creative with a basic builder set.

Legos also work across the ages. Lean toward the Lego duplo blocks for younger children because they don’t pose a choking hazard.

Water Guns/Super Soakers


The same rule of thumb applies to these beauties. They’re a high five if your child is invited to a summer birthday or you live in a locale that sports year-round warmer temps. Either way, a handheld water gun or super soaker is always a winner regardless of the season or the size.

Nerf Gun


Need we say more? What boy from pre-school to teen doesn’t enjoy a romp around the yard, neighborhood and even the house engaged in a Nerf battle with his pals? Why grownups have even been known to join in. Whether you go small or mega size when you pick out the Nerf gun, don’t forget the darts! Kids always need refills. They tend to disappear like socks in the dryer.

Activity-Centered Gift Cards

A BounceU gift card is a great option for any boy's gift.


Don’t think that picking up a gift card means that you didn’t put any thought into the present. Gift cards are an excellent choice because it allows the birthday boy to pick out exactly what he wants. Activity-centered gift cards like a gift card for the movies or a BounceU gift card are awesome because they get kids out and about. BounceU gift cards or certificates can be used for open bounce and kids’ camps.



What guy young or older doesn’t get a thrill from flying a UAV? Unmanned aerial vehicles or drones as they are more commonly known are super cool! They pull off awesome tricks and are stealthy. While drones can be pricey, there are some that are kid-friendly with a not-so-scary price tag. The Sky Viper Nano Drone is a swift little flyer that retails for about $29.99. It’s simple to operate and pulls off a few pretty awesome tricks as well.

BounceU Birthday Party

BounceU locations throughout the United States offer a wide variety of party fun.


It might sound strange, but a birthday party itself can be a great present. BounceU offers a variety of theme and party options on top of our awesome bounce arenas. One of these awesome parties can make a great gift for any child.

These picks may not be the toy that is hot at the moment. But, they are what are always hot. The man of the hour will love anything off this list as will his mom and dad because these gifts get kids off the screens and outside.

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