It’s been 13 years since we were first introduced by Pixar to the friendly clown fish named Nemo and his adventures with his dad and friends under the sea in the animated kids film Finding Nemo. Well, Nemo and many of our favorite animated sea creatures, return this summer as Ellen DeGeneres’ Dory takes center stage in the new film Finding Dory.

With the latest Pixar flick on the big screen, kids across the country are going to want Nemo and Dory to come to their birthday parties. While we all know you can’t yet bring animated fish to a kids birthday party — that is until virtual reality figures out how to make it happen — we have the next best thing. Why not throw a Finding Dory themed kids birthday party? We understand you don’t have all the time in the world to figure out how to make it happen though. That’s why we scoured the internet to find the top 3 must haves for your kids Finding Dory birthday party.


Pin the Nemo or Dory in the Fishbowl


Games are a must at every kid’s birthday party especially when you have a great kid’s party theme. The key is to find ways to fill any potential down time to keep all the little ones in attendance entertained while they wait for the cake and presents.

Why not put a Finding Dory spin on the kids birthday party classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey? We found this simple yet fun execution on Pinterest that allows kids to pin Nemo, or Dory if you choose, in the fishbowl. All it takes is some felt, velcro and creativity to add a little personalized fun to your child’s birthday party.



Dory Party Hats

It’s not a birthday party without hats. No, really, it’s some kind of kid’s birthday party law. Don’t take our word for it. Look it up.

OK, so maybe it’s not really a law but if you want the kids at your birthday party to have a great time, hats help make things festive. So why not make some cute Dory inspired head gear that will make the kids smile?

Our friends over at figured out how to take blue party hats and construction paper to create these fun and accurate hats. Simple for mom to make or even fun for the kids to put together as part of the birthday party.



Turtle Cupcakes

Let’s be honest, Crush and the groovy turtles were our favorites in Finding Nemo. Heck, they’re even near the top of our “Animated turtles in a movie” list. Yes, even higher than those of the teenage and ninja variety. So why not bring them to your kids birthday party in cupcake form?

It’s not as difficult as it sounds as shows. All it takes is some cupcakes — homemade or store bought — sour peach gummy ring candies for the shell, green gum drop candies for the head, spearmint leaf candies for the fins and mint chocolate chips for the eyes. With a little creative cutting you have your very own edible version of these fun loving turtles for the kids to enjoy at your birthday party.


So after your kids Find Dory in the theaters, now you know how to help them find a ton of fun at their next birthday party!

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