We officially have a winner for the “Oddest ‘Birthday Cake’ Choice Ever” here on The Party Room.

This unique concoction comes to us from, where else, Instagram.

Connie Chung — no, not that Connie Chung — the research and development chef at Eleven Madison Park in New York City was given a very special surprise from her birthday. While most people prefer their cake to be of the chocolate or vanilla variety with sugary frosting, Chung’s co-workers went a much different route.

Yep, that’s right. They, well actually chef Danny DiStefano, made their favorite R&D chef the most unique birthday food item ever. A dumpling stuffed with 100 other smaller dumplings.

We don’t know about you, but we’re all in on this idea. The craziest part is the fact that Madison Park doesn’t have this on their menu yet. What are you waiting for? People would be lining up around the block to have their party there just to eat 101 dumplings for their birthday.

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