Let’s be honest, professional athletes move to the beat of their own drum. It’s not surprising, from a young age their talent has opened the doors that others don’t have the opportunity to. So how do professional athletes celebrate their kid’s birthday? The same way they do everything else, uniquely.

That was the case for the Los Angeles Clippers guard Paul Pierce. His daughter, according to his Instagram account, had one request for her 5th birthday party. It wasn’t an Elsa from Frozen birthday cake or a princess birthday party. No, it was a very specific gift of the animal variety.

My daughter wanted a lama for her bday #daddylittlegirl

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Yep, she wanted a llama for her birthday and the former NBA champion, like most dads with a little girl, acquiesced to his daughter’s request.

Don’t worry, it looks like the llamas has quite the nice accommodations and it looks like it’s even gotten quite close to Pierce in it’s short time with the family.

What am I thinking smh

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Whether you’re an athlete or an everyday parent, the theme is the same. Finding a way to make your kid’s birthday and their birthday party special is the mission. Whether it’s buying a llama or some less obscure gesture, it’s all about creating that lifelong memory.

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