Working from home has been a big adjustment for families all around the world, but it has been even a bigger adjustment for parents. With schools going virtual and childcare centers closing their doors, those with young children faced having to find ways to entertain the kids while they worked during office hours. Online class definitely helps but what about when your child doesn’t have school or has breaks throughout the day? How do you get work done while also keeping the family supervised, safe and happy? We’re here to help answer those questions!

Establish Daily Routine

The most efficient way to make sure you and the little ones are getting your work done is to make a daily routine so that everyone knows what is expected of them at certain times. Try to prepare some activities during school breaks such as lunch, snack or rest time. If possible, make your lunch break line up with your children so you both can enjoy a meal together. But for the smaller breaks, designate an activity for each day. For example, on Monday’s your kiddo could watch cartoons during their break, and then on Tuesdays, they can work on a puzzle.

If you are signing your child up for recreational activities throughout the week, do so early. Sporting, theater or art programs sponsored through the school or city can fill up quickly, especially during this time when many parents are looking for alternative daycare options for out of school times.

mom and son working on daily checklist schedule

Set Expectations

Just as creating a daily routine will help your family keep on track, so will setting expectations. It’s important that you set expectations with yourself and your work, as well as with your entire family. Take just an hour out of the week to have a family meeting. Everyone can discuss their schedules and expectations for the week, making it easy to stay on track. This can also help line up vacations and winter breaks between school and work.

If you have the chance to take off some work during school vacations, try planning a special day off that you and the family can look forward to. A local staycation is always a great option and is a nice way to support local museums, entertainment venues or zoos while exploring your hometown! As for the family, take just an hour out of the week to have a family meeting. Everyone can discuss their schedules and expectations for the week, making it easy to stay on track.

Boy and girl working on camp craft at BounceU camp during school winter break

Finding Alternative Care

As many parents face the challenge of their work overlapping with their home responsibilities and most daycare centers still closed, they are looking for childcare options. BounceU is a great option if you are looking for active camps. BounceU offers Open Bounce or Bounce U Camp. Both programs allow for supervised open play without having to rent the facility out so you can know your child is staying active and safe. There are also some great programs that are sponsored through your local city’s park and recreation department that will ensure your child is supervised while you are busy at work.

Some other options for childcare are friends, family or in-home daycares. Maybe some of your friends or family members have kids the same age and are willing to schedule playdates at their home so you can work in peace for a couple of hours. You can always make this a regular event and switch on and off if your friends are in need of childcare too! Also, in-home daycares are a wonderful alternative to a center. They often have less children and are state-monitored.

Kids and parents at BounceU 100% private playdate

Other Ways to Make it Work

If you’ve gone through all the ideas above and still are having some trouble, try for a closer to home solution. Your kids can find plenty to do while you work, without them having to bug you every couple of minutes. If the weather permits, encourage them to play outside and get some fresh air! If your child or children or too young to play outside by themselves, have them pick out their favorite movie and meal and make their “lunch” time last throughout the afternoon. Of course, this won’t work for every day of the week but is a great option for once in a while.

Finally, if you just need a few hours to get your work done and the kids need to get out of the house, you can always rent a private space! This may sound expensive but if you split with family or friends who are facing the same dilemma you are, the price can lower significantly. Venues such as BounceU offer an indoor playground of larger-than-life inflatables that are cleaned and sanitized after each event for your child’s health and safety.

We know that these times have been full of change and having to adapt to working from home with children isn’t easy, but with these ideas, you are sure to find the right fit for your family. For more information on how BounceU camps and programs can provide fun and supervision, visit

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