Have you RSVP’d to attend an upcoming child’s party at an indoor play center? While kids are going to have the time of their life playing in a jump park, it is important to get more information about a few things before they’re ready to party. Many children’s party venues, such as trampoline parks or indoor playgrounds, have specific details that you may not know if you’ve never been, such as clothing, height and age limits and drop-off guidelines. Here are a few things you should know so you can feel prepared, ready to party, and limit unexpected events!

Security & Safety

Most kid’s party venues are public spaces, meaning multiple parties may take place on the same day within the same indoor playground. Since the place could be heavily packed, this could lead to some security concerns. Due to the large crowds, kids could easily wander away and get lost or be accidentally hurt by other kids who are having too much fun and not thinking about their surroundings while playing. Safety is important at BounceU, which is why all parties are 100% private. That means no one but your child and party guests will be in the playground and party room, so parents never need to worry about their child getting lost or playing around children outside of their invited group.

Clean Environment

When partying, it can be easy to make a mess while playing around. Plus, if you have play equipment, most likely each person is going to be touching many different surfaces. At Bounce U, we want to ensure our guests and party pros stay healthy while playing, so we expanded our strict cleaning procedures to include federal and local recommendations. In our facilities you will find procedures including signage to limit cross-traffic between 100% private parties, all employees wearing masks, single-use gloves, and frequent hand-washing, advanced cleaning technology used before and after each event on all surfaces in the play area, mobile sanitizing station and detailed checklists to make sure cleaning standards are met daily. Our 100% private parties also help cleaning efficiently and easily with fewer guests moving in and out of the play area all at once.

Required Socks

Many play centers require parents to buy special socks before allowing children to play on their equipment. Those specific socks are grippy on the bottom to prevent slipping and are commonly branded, which means oftentimes they cannot be used from park to park. While most jump parks require these, BounceU doesn’t require customers to wear special socks, since regular socks are everything you need to enjoy our attractions. Even if your child’s socks were left at home by accident, most of our facilities sell amusing socks to buy so your kid can still participate in the birthday party fun!

Relinquishing Supervision of Kids

If you are considering dropping your child off for a party at a trampoline park or children’s indoor playground, we recommend that you ask the party host in advance who is responsible for supervising the play area. At BounceU, we help throughout the event with monitoring and supervising to relieve the pressure on the host to ensure all the kids who have been dropped off are accounted for and safe. However, this is not the case for all children’s party places. Also, many indoor parks might need you as the parent to check-in with your child and sign a waiver before they play. Therefore, we recommend checking the play place’s website ahead of time or asking the party host so you’ll know what’s needed from you before the day of the party.

Age and Height Restrictions

All jump parks have restrictions in regards to age and height, but they vary from place to place. It’s important to check the restrictions online before attending a kid’s birthday at a particular play place. This way you can be confident that your child can play with their friends during the party and if you happen to bring along a sibling, they can participate as well. At BounceU, children must be at least 34 inches tall to play on the inflatables. However, if they don’t reach this requirement, don’t worry, most of our facilities have toddler toys for them to enjoy, like ride-ons and building blocks. 

What to Wear

While most indoor playgrounds are climate controlled, considering your child’s attire is still important. You can expect that your child will be running, jumping, crawling and playing, so it’s best to dress them up in comfortable clothes for the activities they’re going to participate in. Since our indoor playground is climate-controlled, you don’t have to worry about bringing along a sweatshirt, but we always encourage you to take note of any party themes mentioned on the invite. If you remember to dress your child to fit the theme like glow in the dark, animals, princesses, and so on, they will be excited to feel like part of the group.

While you can never know 100% what to expect before you arrive at a new play center, these tips should help you feel a bit more prepared. Once you have taken note of these commonly overlooked details, it will surely take away any stress from you and the party host to make the party more enjoyable for everyone!

Check out our birthday party page to learn more about our jump parks and how to throw your kid the best party on the planet.

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