Bet you didn’t realize that it’s Tolkien Week. Ok, so maybe you did if you have a devoted Lord of the Rings fan in your household but if you’re like us, you probably didn’t. The celebration of all things Tolkien began in 1978 and is observed in whatever full week contains the day September 22, also known as Hobbit Day. Since its humble beginnings in the late 70s, it has grown in popularity to the point where the even the White House has recognized it.

While we won’t be dressing like Bilbo Baggins or standing on our street corner and telling cars “thou shalt not pass!” in our best Gandalf voice, we did think it’s the perfect time to share some of the best Hobbit and Lord of the Rings themed kids birthday cakes that the internet has to offer.

Seriously, you won’t believe these cakes. They’re the kind of creations that would make the greatest of wizards in middle earth proud.

A ‘How to’ Hobbit Hole Birthday Cake


This great step-by-step guide shows you how to build your own Hobbit Hole birthday cake. We don’t guarantee your level of success at making it, but we do guarantee any child will love you the way Gollum loves the ring for trying.


Book it! This is an Amazing Tolkien Kids Birthday Cake


OK, so it’s not ‘technically’ a birthday cake but what kid who is a fan of the collective works of Tolkien wouldn’t want this amazing cake representing all of his books? It just may cost you a few more gold pieces than you currently have in your kingdom.


My Precious Kids Birthday Cake


Let’s not kid ourselves. We’ve all pined after a great slice of birthday cake at a kid’s party like it has the allure of the ring. Why not just combine the two for your son or daughter’s next party?


Smaug Warning


There isn’t a Hobbit fan out there that wouldn’t find this birthday cake amazing. And the best part? The cake can light the candles by itself since it breathes fire. (Editor’s Note: It doesn’t actually breathe fire but that would be really cool.)


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