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Adult Pasta & Salad Buffet Bundle

A delicious, affordable way to feed adults accompanying the kids attending your party! Freshly-made baked ziti in tomato sauce and garden-fresh tossed salad w/choice of dressing, and soft drinks. Served in full or 1/2 size trays). We supply appropriate paper products for your guests.

Large (full tray baked ziti & full tray tossed garden salad) & 4 2-liter soft drink bottles. Serves 20-24. $189.99
Small (1/2 tray of baked ziti & 1/2 tray of tossed garden salad), two 2-liter soft drinks. Serves 10-12. $99.99

Mini-Sandwich Party Tray

A ready-to-serve assortment of mini sandwiches on potato or mini pretzel rolls filled with Ham & Swiss cheese, Turkey breast & Swiss cheese and lean Roast beef & Swiss Cheese.

Small Serves 10-12 (24 mini sandwiches) (4 choices-6 sandwiches each) $39.99
Medium (Serves 16-18 (36 mini sandwiches)) $45.99
Large (Serves 20-24 (48 mini sandwiches)) $54.99


Extra-Large Pizza

10 slices per 16” round pie, delivered hot and served to your guests for LESS than what you’d pay at the local pizza parlor. Whole pies only; 2 pie minimum order. (Pizza available for parties from 10:00am on-- try our breakfast mini-pastry assortment for a morning party substitute!) $14.99/EACH $16.99/EACH with 1 topping. America's #1 party food! ORDER ANY PLUS OR SPECTACULAR BUNDLE AND PAY ONLY $12 FOR ADDITIONAL CHEESE PIZZAS!


Extra-Large Gourmet Pizza

10 slices per pie, delivered hot to your party room. Whole pies only. 2 pie minimum order. Select Pacific Veggie, Chicken Bacon Ranch, Barbecue Chicken or Honolulu Hawaiian. (Pizza available for parties from 10:30am on-- try our breakfast pastry tray for a morning party substitute!) $19.99/EACH


Sandwich Platters-HEALTHIER OPTION!

Sandwiches to serve 15-18, freshly prepared with your choice of deli-style
meats and cheese (turkey breast, Italian or an assortment of all three varieties), with condiments on the side.
Please order at least five days before party. $49.99/PLATTER

Add Chicken

Boneless Chicken Nuggets

Lightly breaded with savory herbs, made with 100% whole white breast meat. Served with Barbecue Sauce or Ranch Dressing on the side. 40 pieces, serves 10-15

Party Trays

Veggie Trays

Small Serves 10-15 $26.99/each
Medium Serves 20-30 $39.99/each

Add food to your party

Fruit Trays

Small Serves 10-15 $31.99/each
Medium Serves 20-30 $44.99/each

It's not a party without cake!

Custom Cakes and Cupcakes

Custom gourmet cakes— NOT supermarket slab cakes— baked by one of the Lehigh Valley’s premier bakeries exclusively for BounceU! Customize your cake to create a one-of-a-kind confection. Just choose your size, flavor, icing & decorations.
SMALL OVAL CAKE (serves up to 15): $22.99
MEDIUM OVAL CAKE (serves up to 25+): $32.99
LARGE OVAL CAKE (serves up to 40+): $52.99
CUPCAKES & CUPCAKE CAKES: Fun and convenient.12 cupcakes/$15.99, 24 cupcake cake $30.99, 48 cupcake cake $49.99

It's not a party without cake!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cakes & Pastries

Small Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake & Cookie Tray. 24 small cookies, serves 10, with personalized cookie lollipop for Guest of Honor: $25.99
Large Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake & Cookie Tray. 48 large cookies, serves 30, with personalized large cookie in center of tray personalized for Guest of Honor: $46.99
Theme cake decorations/edible images for the above: $10.00 and up
Breakfast Pastry Tray- great for morning parties!
Small (serves 15) $25.99
Large (serves 30) $46.99

Ice Cream

Ice Cream and Froyo

Individual servings of icecream $.99/each

Froyo Cake serves up to 15, created by one of the Valley's favorite Froyo shops. $31.99

Add beverages to your party!


Our great thirst quenchers are sold by the bottle only.
We stock Coca-Cola brand cola, diet cola, lemon-lime, and orange soda and lemonade.
$3.49 per 2-liter bottle

Tropicana Apple Juice (10 ounce individual servings) $1.49/Bottle

YUP Chocolate, Strawberry or White Milk. Low-Fat, Lactose-Free, 16g of protein and DELICIOUS. $2.29 per 14oz. bottle $2.29
More food options

Snack Bowls

Two humongous bowls of snacks of your choice. $10.00
Selections vary by season and store, but usually include potato chips, cheese puffs, Goldfish crackers and Doritos

No one does kids birthday parties like BounceU of Easton!

Jumbo-sized fun

Let's bounce! Bring your crew to our inflatable party place with huge bounce house playgrounds for tons of fun, games, and even a special birthday throne.

In a 100% private space

At some birthday party places, your group's just part of the crowd. Not at BounceU! You'll get your own inflatable indoor arenas and your own private party room.

Just for U!

This party's just for you, so your package will include your personalized picks for kid-friendly food, drinks, party favors and more.

Easy, fast, fun

If you're looking for one of the easiest and most fun places for kids' birthdays, BounceU is it! Our pros have you covered from your reservation to the party, until the last guest leaves.
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