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BounceU Frequently Asked Questions


Is there an age limit?
BounceU is suitable for ages 2 to adult. Walkers up to 2 years can go in, but since the equipment is quite big and manufacture safety requires minimum heights for riders(34 inches). Children that do not meet the required height will not be allowed to ride. They are encouraged to enjoy the toddler area or any of the interactive games. Non-walkers and young toddlers are NOT allowed to go on the equipment. We do encourage adults to participate in the bounce rooms.
Can we just come in and play?
Yes! You are welcome to come in to play during our scheduled "Open Bounce", "Cosmic Bounce" and "Preschool Playdate" events. Scheduled times are posted on our website "Events Calendar" and on our Facebook page. We strongly recommend you call in advance to reserve your spot. Please see our Open Bounce page for more information, or visit our Events Calendar for scheduled Open Bounce times.
I forgot my socks! What can I do?
Everyone bouncing on the equipment MUST wear socks. We offer BounceU socks for sale at the front desk.

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Do I have to know my head count and other options when I reserve my party?
No. We advise that you make the reservation for the number of guests you will be inviting. If you then find out a number of people can't make the special event, you can reduce the party size up to 48 hours ahead of time.
Is a deposit required?
A $150 deposit is required to reserve your party. You may pay over the phone with a credit or debit card. The deposit is applied to the party price and is fully refundable if cancelled at least 21 days before the event date.
You say that the party includes a certain number of guests. What if some parents want to stay and watch? Do they count as party guests?
No. Adults may stay during the party and watch the children play on the inflatables, or just relax at BounceU and socialize with other parents. They may also participate, as long as they first sign our standard Release and Waiver and are issued a wristband or a hand stamp.
Can I have the bounce room for a longer amount of time?
Generally, this is plenty of bounce time. One hour of bouncing is a lot of exercise- It’s like putting the kids on a treadmill for an hour without stopping! By the end of one hour bouncing, our guests are usually pretty tired and ready for some food and drink. We can provide pricing for additional time, but given the additional cost, don't recommend it.
Can I bring in my own food and drinks?
You are welcome to bring your own cake or cupcakes, though most guests prefer to get one of the Themed Cakes that BounceU can provide. No other outside food or drink is permitted including any other type of desert such as cookies and/or ice cream.
Can I order extra pizza or other food once my party has begun?
No. We can usually accommodate additional food requests up to 1 hour before the party, but cannot guaranty availability with less than 24 hours notice. We require 48 hours notice for any reduction in food quantity.
If I am bringing in my own cake, do I need to bring in my own plates and napkins?
No. All paper and plastic products are included in your party package, and we are more than happy to supply them. If you would like the paper and plastic items to fit a specific theme, you are welcome to bring your own.
Can I use my own decorations and/or paper products in the party room?
You are welcome to use your own decorations and/or paper products in the party room. To preserve the integrity of our party rooms, we do not permit ceiling decorations, streamers, silly string, confetti, or piñatas.
I don't want to serve a full meal. Can I bring in my own snacks?
We have snack food options available; see our Party Add-Ons page for more information. Please do not bring in any food other than cake or cupcakes.
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