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Farmingdale Kids Birthday Party Place

We've Got The Birthday Party Food Covered Too!

Want to add any of these to your party? Call us at store-phone or we can call you Request-a-call



Delivered hot to your party room.

Pepperoni Pizza $18.95
Cheese Pizza $14.95
Grandma Pizza $18.95
Sicilian Pizza $19.95
Thin Crust Marinara $18.95
Vegetable Pizza $18.95
White Pizza $19.95
Personal Gluten Free Pizza $10.00
Cheese Pizza and Soda Package $18.00
Grandma Pizza and Soda Package $22.00
Add beverages to your party!


We stock Coca Cola™ brand cola, diet cola, lemon-lime and iced tea. We also have water.

It's not a party without cake!


Our cakes are custom-baked by one of the local premier bakeries.

Bakery Cake $34.95
Hershey's Ice Cream Cake $34.95
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