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Birthday Parties

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It's not a party without cake!

Cakes & Cupcakes

Let us take care of getting the cake for you! Our cakes are made fresh from Sam's Club and you can choose from a 1/2 sheet cake, cupcake cake or individual cupcakes!

Girl Themes: Disney Frozen, Disney Princesses, My Little Pony, Dora, Hello Kitty, Sophia the First, Minnie Mouse

Boy Themes: Jurassic World, Ninja Turtles, Spiderman, Batman, Avengers, Disney Cars, Disney Toy Story, Super Mario, SpongeBob, Mickey

Cupcake Cake $24.99
Cupcakes $24.99
1/2 sheet cake $26.99
Add beverages to your party!


Choose from Coke, Diet Coke, Root Beer, Sprite, Fanta Orange or Lemonade.

Other available drinks are apple juice, juices boxes and bottled water.


Pizza & Breadsticks

Hot and tasty pizza from Marco's delivered to your party room!

Breadsticks (serves 3-4) $5.99
Large - 1 topping pizza $14.00
Large - 2 topping pizza $16.00
Large - 3 topping pizza $18.00
Large Specialty Pizza $19.00
Adult Pizza Buffet (serves 22-24) $145.00


Make your party complete by adding sandwiches to it! Marco's delivers these tasty subs right to your party! Choose from the turkey club, ham & cheese, Italian or veggie sub.

Individual Sub Sandwich $7.99
Regular Sandwich Platter (serves 10-12) $65.00
Large Sandwich Platter (serves 22-24) $100.00
Adult Sandwich Buffett $145.00
Add food to your party

Chicken Wings

Hot and tasty wings delivered right to your party room! Choose from plain, mild, hot, BBQ or garlic. Comes with your choice of ranch or bleu cheese for dipping.

Boneless Wings (6) $6.99
Boneless Wings (12) $9.99
Boneless Wings (30) $26.99
Traditional Wings (6) $6.99
Traditional Wings (10) $9.99
Traditional Wings (25) $26.99
Add food to your party

Healthy Food Add-On's

Looking for something a little lighter to serve at your party? Try one of these add-on's!

Garden Party Salad $24.99
Veggie Tray (small) $19.99
Veggie Tray (large) $29.99
Fruit Tray (small) $19.99
Fruit Tray (large) $29.99

BounceU is Fishers' best birthday party place for kids!

Jumbo-sized fun

Ready to bounce? Our inflatable bounce house arenas are the perfect place for loads of fun, games, and a birthday throne, too.

In a 100% private space

Your birthday kid's just part of the crowd at some party places, but at BounceU your group rules its own inflatable playground kingdom, complete with private party room.

Just for U!

This is your kid's birthday party, so you'll pick your own personalized package of kid-friendly food, drinks, party favors and more.

Easy, fast, fun

BounceU's one of the easiest, most fun places for kids' birthdays, thanks to our Party Pros - they've got you covered from the moment you book.
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