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Birthday Parties

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Ten slices delivered hot to your party room.

Cheese Pizza $13.99
Pepperoni Pizza $14.99
Buffalo Pizza (Our Staff's Favorite!) $15.99
BBQ Chicken (BBQ Sauce and Chicken) $15.99
Hawaiian (Ham and Pineapple) Pizza $15.99
Veggie Pizza $15.99
Special (The Works) Pizza $15.99
All Meat (Pepp, Sausage, Bacon, Ham) $16.99
Tomato Pie (Large) $19.99
Egg, Bacon & Cheese (Breakfast Pizza) $15.99
Breakfast works ( Bacon,saus. & Ham) $16.99
Egg & Cheese (Breakfast Pizza) $14.99
Gluten Free Pizza (12" pie) $12.95

Regional Foods

We offer a variety of regional foods to help feed the adults that may come to the party.

Chicken Nuggets (25) Feeds 5-8 $19.99
Chicken Nuggets (50) Feeds 10-15 $37.99
Chicken Nuggets (100) (Feeds 20-25) $69.99
French Fries (2.5Lbs) Feeds 10-15 $14.99
French Fries (5Lbs) Feeds 20-25 $24.99
French Fries (individual serving) $5.99
Mozzerella Sticks (20 sticks) $19.99
Mozzerella Sticks (30 sticks) $29.99
Mozzerella Sticks (50 sticks) $49.99
Mozzerella Sticks (100 sticks) $99.99
Baked Ziti (1/2 Tray Cheese) $29.99
Baked Ziti (Full Tray Cheese) $54.99
Baked Ziti (1/2 Tray Meat & Cheese) $34.99
Baked Ziti (Full Tray Meat & Cheese) $64.99
More food options

Breakfast Items

Having an early morning party. These items are great options for that morning event!!

Breakfast Pizza - Egg & Cheese $14.99
Breakfast Pizza - Egg, Bacon & Cheese $15.99
Breakfast works ( Bacon,Saus. & Ham) $16.99
Dozen Mini Bagels- butter & cream cheese $12.00
Assorted Doughnuts (12) $12.00
50 Munchkin Doughnuts $15.99
Gogurts - Box of 32 $14.99
Gallon of Milk $7.00
Gallon of Orange Juice $7.00
Box of Joe (Serves 10) $22.99
Add food to your party

Healthier Options

Some food choices that are a healthier choice for your party.

Garden Salad small (Serves 8-10) $19.99
Garden Salad Large (Serves 18-22) $29.99
Caesar Salad Small (serves 8-10) $24.99
Caesar Salad Large (Serves 18-22) $39.99
Chicken Caesar Salad sml (Serves 8-10) $39.99
Chicken Caesar Salad Lrge (Serves 18-22) $59.99
Pineapple Spears (3lbs.) $12.99
Fruit Tray (6lbs. Assorted Fruit) $29.99
Veggie Tray (4lbs.) $19.99
Add beverages to your party!


We offer all of the coke products along with healthier options such as Mott's 100% apple juice, Gallons of water or Apple and Eve juice boxes

Apple and Eve Juice Boxes $0.50
Mott's 100% Apple Juice $3.00
All coke product Pitchers $3.00
Gallon of Water $3.00
Bottle of Water (16oz.) $0.99
Bottle of Water (8oz. $0.50
Case of Water (24-16oz. Bottles) $19.99
It's not a party without cake!

Cake and Ice Cream

Our cakes are custom-baked by one of the local premier bakeries. We offer 10" rounds or 1/2 sheets for you to choose from. Cakes also come included if you add a Spectacular bundle to your party.

Custom 10" round cake (serves up to 24) $24.99
Custom 1/2 sheet cake (serves 24-48) $39.99
Dixie Cups ( Vam & Van/Choc Swirl) $0.50

There's a reason we're Langhorne kid's favorite birthday party place!

Jumbo-sized fun

We go so big for birthdays, they'll never want to go home. We'll make this the best party yet at our inflatable party place with enormous bounce house arenas, loads of games and even a special birthday throne!

In a 100% private space

Forget those other party places that mix you in with the masses. BounceU puts your group in your own inflatable indoor playground and private party room.

Just for U!

Let our Party Pros help you choose a personalized birthday party package that includes yummy kids' foods, drinks, take-home party favors and more.

Easy, fast, fun

Planning's easy! We're staffed with Party Pros who will take care of your reservation, refreshments, post-party clean up and every step in between.
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