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Scout Parties - Approved by GSEM!

Earn a Scouts Patch at BounceU
Mon-Thur: $225
Fri: $250
25 kids included

Scout party includes the following for up to 25 participants:

1 hour of PRIVATE playtime in 2 awesome, climate-controlled bounce rooms featuring giant inflatables and FREE air hockey.
45 minutes in a PRIVATE, fully decorated party room to celebrate and to enjoy food & drinks if you choose.
Dedicated Party Hosts to ensure that your event is hassle-free and memorable from the moment you arrive until you head home!
(3) 2L bottles of soft drinks

Scout Patches available upon request - $1.49/ea plus tax

Up to 10 additional participants can be added up to a maximum of 35 for $10 each. A $100 deposit is required to secure a reservation. Deposit is refundable if you cancel your party at least 30 days before.

Team Parties

Celebrate your Team at BounceU
Mon-Thur: $225
Fri: $250
Call for details

Maybe your team is having a dream season. Maybe not. Either way, you deserve to blow off a little steam - and BounceU is just the place for it! You'll score major points when your players get a load of our famous bounce stadiums, fun-filled celebration rooms, and fantastic games.

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