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Party Add Ons

Laser Blast

Laser Blast

Ready. Aim. Tag! Kids will have a blast playing laser tag in our inflatable filled arenas. Each party kid gets a laser blaster and target strap.

Your party guests will love LASER BLAST, a fun, safe add-on available for any birthday party, group event or field trip. You'll play a 15-minute, high-energy round of laser tag in the second half of your event after enjoying bouncing on our awesome inflatables. Once your guests have the "lay of the land" our party pro will distribute user-friendly laser tag phasers that shoot a harmless beam that registers "hits" on opponents' phasers.

$35 for up to 15 players. $3 per additional player.

Kick it up a notch more by combining our glow-in-the-dark, special effects lighting Cosmic Bounce with Laser Blast for only $50 for up to 15 players. $3 per additional player.

Let's have a BounceU party that's even more of a blast with LASER BLAST!

Price: $35.00 and Up


Crank up the excitement at your BounceU Party with out-of-this-world lighting! It adds an extra thrill to our inflatable rides and games, and kids love the glow-in-the-dark accessories. You can add Cosmic Bounce to any Party Package, which means you don’t lose any of your favorite features – you just make 'em more cosmic!

See a Cosmic Party in action:

BounceU Lehigh Valley locations offer the best of both worlds: The first half of your party can be in normal lighting, and the second half can be under our special Cosmic Bounce special effects lighting. The Cosmic Bounce upgrade includes a glow-in-the-dark necklace for the guest of honor; more can be purchased for accompanying adults for just $.99 each if desired.

Combine Cosmic Bounce with a Balloon Drop or Bubble Blast experience and take $5 off the combined regular price! (See "Special Offers" for details).

Price: $14.99 per Party


Add bubbles to your party.

Who doesn't like bubbles? And who doesn't LOVE hundreds and hundreds of bubbles floating around a giant BounceU bounce stadium? Our high-output bubble machine will produce lots of bubbles during the first half of your party's bounce time, and kids (and adults, too!) will love the added excitement. For only $22.00 per party, it's a great add-on value!

Combine Bubble Blast with Cosmic Bounce or a Balloon Drop and take $5 off the regular combined cost! (See "Special Offers" for details).

Price: $22.00 per Party
Balloon Drop

Balloon Drop

See the Balloon Drop in action:

Imagine 150 multicolored balloons cascading from the ceiling into one of our giant bounce stadiums. Now imagine the cool games our famous BounceU Party Pros will play with your party guests using those balloons. Sounds great? And for only $35, it's one of our best and most popular add-on values, too! Please note that for parties of fewer than 12, the Balloon Drop will decrease your time in one stadium by 5 minutes to allow time for us to reset the balloon net. Combine your balloon drop with either Cosmic Bounce or Bubble Blast and take $5 off! (See "Special Offers" for details).

Price: $35.00 per Party
Include photos at your kids birthday party!

Click's Pics

When you add Click’s Pics to your party package, we’ll take all the photos so you don’t have to! Then we’ll upload them to our Click’s Pics website, and give you a unique code which you can use to access your photos.

From there you can email your photos to family and friends, share them on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, or download them to your computer to print on your own. Getting great pictures of your child’s birthday party at BounceU couldn’t be easier!

Best Deal: $17.99 the day of your event.

$19.99 after your event.

Price: $17.99 per Party
Add Goodie Bags to your Party!

Goodie Bags

We make goodie bags easy! Our BounceU Goodie bag is full of fun toys, including a mini BounceU Bopper, birthday jumper, hand tattoos and a spin top.

Price: $2.99
BounceU Soccer Ball

BounceU Mini Soccer Ball

The BounceU Mini Soccer Ball has lots of bounce! Practice your footwork, or toss it around with your friends, and kick off the fun!

Price: $2.75
BounceU Sports Bottle

BounceU Sports Bottle

Want to give your guests something they can use over and over again? Ask for our BounceU Sports Bottle! Everyone will love this cool and practical party favor!18 ounce bottle made from safe PETE plastic.

Price: $2.75
Crazy Straw

BounceU Goblet

Your party guests will love our BounceU Goblet with its fun, crazy straw!

Price: $2.75
Add Birthday Candles to your Cake!

Birthday Candles

Your wish came true! Add a special glow to your birthday cake with our fun Birthday Candles!

Price: $2.00
Single Bounce Pass

Bounce Pass - One Time Visit

A colorful, business-card sized free pass to attend any BounceU Lehigh Valley open bounce or preschool playtime event. It’s a unique party favor that’s always appreciated and worth up to $10.95 per pass! Minimum purchase 10 passes.

Price: $6.00

BounceU Schtuff

5 colorful balloons on individual sticks $7.99

BounceU of Allentown throws the best birthday parties for kids!

Jumbo-sized fun

Leap, lunge, reach for the ceiling - our inflatable party place has enormous bounce house arenas where kids catch air, play games and lots more!

In a 100% private space

There's no competing with other birthday parties at BounceU. That's because you'll get your own inflatable arenas and private party room!

Just for U!

It's your party: Bounce any way you want with your own personalized package of fun foods, drinks, party favors and other treats.

Easy, fast, fun

A kids' birthday party this unforgettable that's this easy to plan? It's a given at BounceU, where our pros help out from the pre-party planning to the post-party clean up, and everything in between.
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