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Other Indoor Bouncing Family Fun

Weekend Open Bounce*

All Ages Bounce
60-90 minute Turbo Bounce, $7.99 per child
2-3 hour Open Bounce, $10.99 per child
2-3 hour Cosmic Bounce, $11.99 per child

We add Bounce Hours on the weekend based on our Private Party schedule. Every Wednesday at the end of business we post our Weekend Bounce schedule.

NOTE: Check out our Events Calendar for the most up to date Open Bounce hours.

NEW!!!! Bounce Memberships! Pay one low monthly fee for unlimited bouncing!!!

*Adults are not allowed on the inflatables during Open Bounce sessions.

Open Bounce Drop Off Event

Drop & Shop
Please Check the Calendar for times
Don't forget your Socks!

Need time to run errands or just a break? Drop the kids off at BounceU! This event is open for ages 4-12 and comes with a free snack!

Bounce Passes and Memberships, not accepted

Pajama Jump

pajama party
Please Check the Calendar for PJ Jump Times
Don't forget your Pajamas!

Our newest open bounce event is commonly hosted on Saturday mornings. Bouncers who wear their PJ's get $2 off. This event does also come with a free breakfast pastry and a juice box. Please check the calendar for accurate event dates and times.

BounceU Memberships

Celebrate your Team at BounceU
Billed Monthly
Unlimited Open Bounce!

BounceU Annual Memberships!

Pay a low monthly fee and get unlimited Bouncing at any of our Preschool Playdate, Open Bounce, and Cosmic Bounce sessions. Memberships also include added Weekend Open Bounce sessions. This is perfect for any child that loves to Bounce, and needs extra active play time!

Sign up in person at BounceU!

Note: Must make reservations to Bounce. Excludes Bounce sessions reserved to capacity. Does not include Parent's Night Out.

Summer Preschool Playdate*

Pre-School Play Date
Monday - Friday, 10am-12pm
Ages 5 & under only

Younger children just can't get enough bouncing, and Preschool Playdate gives them a chance to come back every week. Nothing could be better than having a chance to laugh, socialize, and get a little exercise, and our experienced staff is on hand to supervise at all times. As long as they're old enough to walk, they'll enjoy our music, our games, and all the bouncing they can handle.

SUMMER HOURS: June 10 - August 23, 2019

NOTE: Check out our Events Calendar and Special Events tab for added weekend and holiday Bounce times.

NEW!!!! Bouunce Memberships! Pay one low monthly fee for unlimited bouncing!!!

*Adults are allowed on the inflatables to assist young children during this event.

Victory Bounce - FREE

Bounce Into Fitness 2
Free Sensory Bounce
Next Session: Tuesday, Oct 8, 2pm-4pm
For children with special needs, and their families

Once a month we offer an open special sensory bouncing session for children with special needs and their families. This is a private session. Note: summer hours vary so check back with us for dates, times.

Next Session: Tuesday, October 8th, 2:00pm-4:00pm

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