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Boundless Fun

We’ve got huge inflatable playgrounds, endless games and even a blow-up birthday throne!

100% Private

It’s just you and your invited guests in our enormous bouncy house arenas and party rooms!

Completely Customized

You can tailor every detail of the party experience to make it as special as the birthday kid!

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Everyone was exceptional. The initial help I received over the phone answering questions about food I wanted to order for the party was great, she was very patient and explained everything in great detail - every question I had was answered in a very friendly manner and I appreciated that. Upon arrival to the party, my expectations were exceeded with the customer service. Christina and Quan were fantastic. Thank you to everyone for making my daughters birthday so special!

Event Hosted Mar. 10 at BounceU Charlotte



BounceU Party Pro


“The two gentlemen that hosted the party were excellent. They played with the kids and kept them excited. ” 
– Jennifer Kershaw, Huntersville
“Our party host was awesome! ” 
– Jenn Miller, Huntersville

“My host Brandon was excellent. I give him a 10. ” 
– Michelle Mitchell, Charlotte

“We love the idea of having the Bounce rooms all to ourselves. This is not offered at many of the other party venues where you have to share the rooms with the public. We had a great time! ” 
– Ruben Enriquez, Huntersville

“Our party hostess did a great job. The kids (and the adults too!) had a blast. ” 
– Stacey King, Huntersville

BounceU Party Pro


“I wanted to express (in writing) how much our 4-year old [son] LOVES going to BounceU! He never fights going to bed when he knows he’s going to BounceU the next morning! I can see that you and your staff really want to be there, entertaining and caring for the children. I can’t say “Thank You” enough for offering such a wonderfully safe, inviting and nurturing place. My husband and I especially love the “Parents’ Night Out” that you offer. [Our son] has been there once and he loved it! He will be attending this Saturday as well, and I know when I drop him off he is in very good hands!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!! ” 
– Lori Waldo, Charlotte

“Outstanding party! Kids had a great time. Thank you! ”
– Mandy Johnson, Huntersville

“Everything was great! Especially, our party host, Justin! Again, Justin was fantastic! He made the party go by with ease! ”
– Thea Walker, Pineville

BounceU Party Pro


“Christina and Quan did an amazing job and I was extremely happy with everything.” 

Event Hosted 03/10 at BounceU Charlotte

“The two guys who hosted our party were awesome... always helpful, kind to the kiddos, and just very nice and accommodating! Several party guests even mentioned how friendly they were!” 
Event Hosted 02/24 at BounceU Charlotte

“Ora and Bryson were so helpful...Bryson did a great job regulating the kids and keeping order with the kids waiting in line on the big purple ball jump...Ora did a great job setting up the party room and facilitating in the bounce rooms and party rooms - great leader👍” 
Event hosted 02/16 at BounceU Charlotte

“Very nice, the party hosts did a great job setting up, passing out food and drinks...loved the music in the background  ” 
Event hosted 02/16 at BounceU Charlotte

BounceU Party Pro


"Everything was amazing for my daughter she had a ball ” 

“This is a great place to have a party to enjoy your friends and family because everyone can participate” 

“They had great communication and were very friendly ” 

“Staff treats all the guests well (not true in other venues and is embarrassing!) Just our party in the rooms - everyone commented that was great for the little ones. Can hold a lot of kids with no problem. Kids love it. Thank you, everyone commented what a great place it is to have a party. ”
– Jill Angelichio, Charlotte


"I plan on having my daughters birthday there for the next few years because it was that much fun"

BounceU Party Pro


“Your marketing campaign and email communication is absolutely great. I love the special attention and the reminders about holidays and Open Bounce time, etc. It's a great reminder that there is a place to take your kids where you know they will have fun and you can get away as a parent if needed. ” 
– Angelie Hagan, Charlotte

“[Provided] a private party for my child without other kids running around who were not part of our group. ” 
– Michelle Sellers, Huntersville

“We had an awesome time!!! Even the adults enjoyed themselves. We don't know who had the most fun, the kids or the adults!!!! Thanks for an amazing time, see ya soon. ” 
– Jessica Pacatte, Charlotte

BounceU Party Pro


“I really liked how organized the event was, and how helpful the staff was with making seamless transitions between the rooms. This was a great party for my son. ” 

“Simple solution to a party. I appreciated that the space was only utilized by our group versus other bounce type of facilities. ” 
– Lisa Williams, Charlotte

“Easy planning. The kids had a great time, and the adults too. The party was a big hit! ” 
– Angela Scholl, Charlotte

“I chose BounceU because it looked like it would be a fun place for the kids and because BounceU handled all of the details. An absolutely wonderful experience! ” 
– Ali Abbott, Mooresville

BounceU Party Pro


“The staff were all great - especially Tai. We had a great exeprience and so did all of our guests. Our guests were still talking about how great the party was the next day when we were at a different party. ” 
– Kristi Jessop, Huntersville

“The kids love it and it is well supervised. The Cosmic Bounce option was a lot of fun for the kids. ” 
– Leonna McClean, Charlotte

“From the front desk people to the [Party Pro] who entertained the party kids during the party, they couldn't have been more helpful. They called a few days prior and I ordered another pizza which was a great idea, per the girl who called me. I would definitely recommend BounceU to anyone who asks. Thanks. ” 
– Char Sweeney, Hickory

BounceU Party Pro


“Tai was TERRIFIC! He's definitely great at what he does and creates a lot of fun for the kids. ” 
– Terri Murphy, Charlotte

“Tai our party host was terrific. We thought he did a great job with the group! ” 
– Barbara Seyter, Charlotte

“We really enjoyed our time. I would love to have his party there the next couple of years. ” 
– Jamie Wilson, Charlotte

“My daughter had her party here last year and wanted it here again. It was so easy and fun! ” 
– Sandy Molteni, Charlotte

BounceU Party Pro


“Justin did a very nice job with our group. ” 
– Virginia Dellinger, Huntersville

“It was great not to have to worry about the party details, and just focus on the kids. ” 
– Amanda Dobrich, Charlotte

“I am a busy, working Mom. I love BounceU, because all I had to do was show up. I think the parents had as much fun as the kids! ” 
– Andrea Heckstall, Charlotte

“Very pleased with everything! ” 
– Sheryl Johnson, Concord

“In the car on our way home, my son said, "When I turn 5, can we do this again?" ”
– Rebecca Nelson, Huntersville

BounceU Party Pro
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