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We've Got The Birthday Party Food Covered Too!

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Oven baked Fresh PIZZA

Oven baked Fresh Pizza. All Pies are large size and include 10 Slices.
Toppings available by request.

A Cheese Pie $20.95
1 Topping Pie $22.50
2 Topping Pie $24.50
3 Topping Pie $26.50
Buffalo Chicken Pizza $27.00
Tuscany Pizza $27.00
Margarita Pizza $27.00

Hot Trays

All our dishes are served in LARGE catering trays, and provide approx. 25 adult servings. All dishes are prepared specifically for your event.

Baked Ziti $90.00
Chicken Fingers $90.00
Chicken Parmesan $95.00
Chicken Wings (Hot or Mild) $75.00
French Fries $50.00
Macaroni & Cheese $80.00
Mozzarella Sticks $80.00
Penne Ala Vodka $90.00
Sausage, Peppers & Onions $70.00


Each provides approx. 25 adult Servings.

Assorted Bagel Tray with sides. $50.00
Assorted Sandwich Tray. Wraps or Heroes (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE) $75.00


All Salads are served with Oil & Vinegar dressing on the side.
Each provides approx. 25 adult Servings.

Bruschetta Tray $70.00
Caesar Salad $65.00
Caprese Salad $70.00
Mixed Green Salad $65.00
Add food to your party

Fresh Fruit

Provides approx. 25 adult Servings.

Fresh Assorted Fruit Tray $70.00
Party Trays

Fresh Vegetables

Provides approx. 25 adult Servings.

Fresh Cut Vegetable Tray $70.00
It's not a party without cake!

Ice Cream Birthday Cake & Dessert

All our cakes are Chocolate & vanilla Ice Cream cakes that are prepared and created especially for your event. Each cake can be personalized for the Guest of Honor, included in the price of cake.

1/4 Sheet Ice Cream Cake $35.00
Brownie & Choc. Chip Cookies $60.00
Add beverages to your party!


We proudly serve Coca-Cola brand drinks, as well as a compliment of many other beverage options

Bottled Water 1.5liter $3.00
Coffee Cart, unlimited coffee & supplies $20.00
Ginger Ale 2liter bottle $3.50
Pepsi & Diet Pepsi 2liter bottles $3.50
Pink Lemonade 2liter bottle $3.50
Sierra Mist 2liter $3.50
Sweetened Iced Tea 2liter bottle $3.50
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