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We've Got The Birthday Party Food Covered Too!

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Add beverages to your party!


Choose from single serving 8oz water bottles or Juice Boxes

8oz Water Bottle $1.00
Juice Box $1.00

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We do NOT allow any outside food or drinks, except for cake or cupcakes. We can also save you the hassle and provide the cake too. Keep it simple or go big, it's up to you!



We proudly serve Hungry Howie's Pizza. Kids love it! Large pizzas cut into 12 slices delivered hot to your party room. Pizza ingredients can be found on Hungry Howie's website.

Dairy Free Small Pizza - no cheese $12.99
Gluten free small pizza $12.99
1 topping large pizza $15.00
2 topping large pizza $18.00
3 topping large pizza $21.00
Works or Specialty large pizza $25.00
Add food to your party

Chicken Wings or Nuggets (40ct)

Juicy wings prepared in your choice of sauce or plain with dipping sauce

Choose up to 2 wing flavors (Asian, BBQ, Buffalo or Traditional. Traditional comes with choice of one dipping sauce - Ranch, Buffalo, or Blue Cheese.

Chicken Nuggets (40 count) $59.99
Chicken Wings (40 count) $59.99

Salad Tray

Serves up to 18 guests
Choose from Garden, Chef, Greek, Antipasto, Chicken Caesar, or Chicken Asiago with choice of dressing - Ranch, Italian, Greek or Caesar

Salad Tray serves 18 guests $49.99
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Breadsticks with pizza dipping sauce

Everyone loves fresh, warm bread sticks, especially when they're loaded with flavor. Try our hot, buttery garlic bread sticks with zesty pizza sauce for dipping.

48 Pieces $30.00
64 Pieces $35.00
80 Pieces $40.00
Party Trays

Fresh Healthy Snacks

Choose from a variety of healthy snacks for your guests

Applesauce Pouch 10 count $10.00
Applesauce Pouch 15 count $15.00
Applesauce Pouch 25 count $25.00
Carrot Sticks (serves 20) $18.00
Cheese Sticks - 25 sticks $24.00
Apple slices (serves 18) $24.00
Carrots & Hummus (serves 20) $24.00
More food options

Snack Bowls

Large snack bowl filled with your choice of dried snack. Choose from Pretzels, Goldfish, Cheez-its, Popcorn, regular chips, BBQ chips, Doritos, Cheetos, or Cheese Puffs OR choose 15 single serving bags of chips. Bags are a variety of different kinds of chips.

15 Single Serving Bags of Chips $20.00
Large Snack Bowl $14.00
Ice Cream

Ice Cream Cups

Add single serving vanilla ice cream cups to go with the cake!!!

Single Serving Vanilla Ice Cream Cups $1.00
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