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Party Add Ons



Add bubbles to your party.

Kids go nuts over our Bubble Blast experience! In Bounce Stadium I --Thousands of bubbles flood our arena for a 10 minutes of total BUBBLE BLAST!
( 3 separate 3 minute BLASTING SESSIONS)

Price: $19.99 per Party


Crank up the excitement at your BounceU Party with out-of-this-world lighting! It adds an extra thrill to our inflatable rides and games, and kids love the glow-in-the-dark accessories. You can add Cosmic Bounce to any Party Package, which means you don’t lose any of your favorite features – you just make 'em more cosmic!

See a Cosmic Party in action:


COSMIC Lighting in 1 Bounce Room --$30.00+tax
COSMIC Lighting in both Bounce Rooms -- $40.00+tax

Price: $30.00 and Up
Include photos at your kids birthday party!

Click's Pics

When you add Click’s Pics to your party package, we’ll take all the photos so you don’t have to! Then we’ll upload them to our Click’s Pics website, and give you a unique code which you can use to access your photos.

From there you can email your photos to family and friends, share them on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, or download them to your computer to print on your own. Getting great pictures of your child’s birthday party at BounceU couldn’t be easier!

Price: $19.99 per Party
Themed Parties

Themed Parties

Customize the look of your party with one of our popular themed packages!

Add excitement to your child's party with their FAVORITE themed table decorations!!!
Themed Decoration Kits include:
* pizza plates
* dessert plates
* napkins
* cups
* tablecloth(s)
* centerpiece(s)
* 5 latex and 1 themed mylar balloon bundle

WE carry 12 popular themes in stock at all times - and need only 10 days to order any of the others that might be your child's favorite. We can order any themed tableware that Party City provides.

PRICE: $49.95 and up

Ask the desk staff when booking and/or confirming your party

Price: $49.95 and Up
Add Face Painting to any party!

Face Painting

Our artist will decorate each child’s face with cute and colorful designs to match their personality. These awesome decorations will make your party pictures even more fun!

Cheek Art is a low price of $50 for your entire party of children ....

We also offer
GLITTER TATTOOS - Glue, stencils and glitter will make they tattoos look and stay on for 10-14 days.
15 kids - $49.95
30 kids -$74.95

Temporary tattoos.-
Unlimited - $16.95

Price: $16.95 and Up
Add more entertainment to your party!


Add one of our awesome entertainers to your party, and make your child’s birthday fabulous!

Guest Character Appearance. What could be more exciting then to have a princess at your party or a cartoon character? Guest characters will appear for 20 minutes in each bounce stadium and when serving the cake in the party room. Ask our desk staff what exciting friends you can have at your party- princesses, superheros and much, much more!!!

Price: $125.00 per Party
Basketball Hoop

BounceU Basketball Hoop

Fun is a slam dunk with the BounceU Basketball Hoop! Get your game on and play like a pro!

Price: $3.95
Add Goodie Bags to your Party!

Goodie Bags

We make goodie bags easy! Our BounceU Goodie bag is full of fun toys, including a mini BounceU Bopper and a glow in the dark bracelet.

Price: $3.95
BounceU Soccer Ball

BounceU Mini Soccer Ball

The BounceU Mini Soccer Ball has lots of bounce! Practice your footwork, or toss it around with your friends, and kick off the fun!

Price: $3.95
BounceU Sports Bottle

BounceU Sports Bottle

Want to give your guests something they can use over and over again? Ask for our BounceU Sports Bottle! Everyone will love this cool and practical party favor!

Price: $3.95
Stuffed Sports Bottle

BounceU Stuffed Sports Bottle

Cool, practical, and extra fun! The BounceU Stuffed Sports Bottle is a great alternative to a traditional goodie bag.

If you are purchasing the Spectacular Bundle with your party- the waterbottle is a favor choice- UPGRADE it to a STUFFED waterbottle for only $2 additional per child.

Price: $5.95
Add Birthday Candles to your Cake!

Birthday Candles

Included in all Party Packages at BounceU Smithtown - along with Branded plates, cups, and napkins.

Price: $0.00
Kids love BounceU Boppers

BounceU Boppers

The BounceU Bopper is a giant 36” blow up hammer decorated to remind you of your great time at BounceU. This makes a great party favor for older children!

Price: $3.95

BounceU Schtuff

10 Latex Balloon Bundle $10.95
5 Latex + 1 “Happy Birthday” Mylar $10.95
5 Latex Balloon Bundle $8.95
Large Airwalker Mylar $24.95
Mylar 5 Balloon Bouquet $19.95
Sinlge Mylar $2.95
Small Airwalker Mylar $19.95
Upgrade Single Mylar $1.95
BounceU Socks $3.95
BounceU 36" Bopper $3.95
BounceU Backpacks $3.95
BounceU Goodie Bags $3.95
BounceU STUFFED Backpacks $6.95
BounceU STUFFED Water Bottle $5.95
BounceU Water Bottle $3.95
Mini Soccer Ball $3.95
BounceU 16" Bopper $1.95
BounceU BIG Lollipop $3.50
BounceU Goblet with Straw $2.95
BounceU Mini Basketball $6.95
Light Up Star Wand $3.00
Mini Melts Cart in Party Room- per child $3.50

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