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We've Got The Birthday Party Food Covered Too!

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Adults love pizza just as much as the kids! BounceU of Oceanside offers many varieties of pizza to meet your taste buds and dietary needs. Ten slices delivered hot to your party room.

Cheese Pizza $15.95
Cheese Pizza with 1 Topping $18.95
Chicken Pizza Pie $26.99
Double Cheese Pizza Pie $17.95
Gluten Free Pizza Pie $20.00
Grandma Pizza Pie $17.95
Kosher Pizza Pie $24.95
White Pizza Pie $19.95

Italian Dishes

Savory dishes everyone loves!

Baked Ziti 1/2 Tray (Serves 10-12) $54.95
Baked Ziti Full Tray (Serves 18-24) $99.95
Chicken Francese 1/2 Tray (Serves 10-12) $69.95
Chicken Francese Full Tray Serves 10-12 $129.95
Chicken Marsala 1/2 Tray (Serves 10-12) $69.95
Chicken Marsala Full Tray (Serves 18-24) $129.95
Chicken Parm. 1/2 Tray (Serves 10-12) $69.95
Chicken Parm. Full Tray (Serves 18-24) $129.95
Eggplant Rollatine 1/2 Tray Serves 10-12 $69.95
Eggplant Rollatine Full Tray Serve 10-12 $119.95
Penne Ala Vodka 1/2 Tray (Serves 10-12) $59.95
Penne Ala Vodka Full Tray (Serves 18-24) $109.95
Sausage & Pepper 1/2 Tray (Serves 10-12) $64.95
Sausage & Pepper Full Tray Serves 10-12 $119.95

Heroes and Wraps

Everyone loves the Big Sandwich! BounceU of Oceanside has sandwiches for every taste! Includes potato & macaroni salad.
Tuscan:Chicken, tomato, red onion, lettuce, roasted red pepper & mozzarella. Portafino: Chicken, sauteed broccoli rabe, red onion, lettuce, roasted red pepper, fresh mozzarella and pesto. CordonBleu: chicken, layers of Boars Head ham, Finlandia Swiss Cheese and Russian dressing.
Monte Cristo: ham, smoked turkey, swiss cheese, cheedar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and honey mustard dressing

American Hero 3 ft (Serves 10-14) $64.95
CordonBleu Hero 3ft Grill or Fried Chick $78.00
Italian Hero 3ft (Serves 10-14) $64.95
Monte Cristo Hero 3ft $78.00
Patrami Reuben 3 ft (Serves 10-14) $78.00
Portafino Hero 3ft Grill or Fried Chick $78.00
Tuscan Hero 3ft Grilled or Fried Chick. $78.00


Delicious, healthy complement to any meal.

Cafe Salad includes mesculin greens, cranberries, walnutes, bleu cheese, cherry tomatoes, croutons. Raspberry or dijon vinaigrete.

Caesar Salad 1/2 Tray $49.95
Caesar Salad Full Tray $79.95
Caesar Salad with Chicken 1/2 Tray $64.95
Caesar Salad with Chicken Full Tray $99.95
Cafe Salad 1/2 Tray $49.95
Cafe Salad Full Tray $74.95
Cold Antipasta 1/2 Tray $59.95
Cold Antipasta Full Tray $109.95
Tossed Salad 1/2 Tray $34.95
Tossed Salad Full Tray $59.95
Add Chicken

Kid's Favorites

Foods every kid loves.

Chicken Tenders 1/2 Tray $59.95
Chicken Tenders Full Tray $109.95
Mozzarella Sticks 1/2 Tray $54.95
Mozzarella Sticks Full Tray $89.95
More food options

Bagel Platters

Everyone loves a good bagel! Enjoy one of our delicious bagel platters.
Kosher platters include your choice of 4 cream cheese spreads: veggie, nova spread,scallion, sun-dried tomato, olive, garlic and herb, and walnut raisin.

20 Bagel Platter w/Cream Cheese & Butter $49.95
Kosher 20 Bagel Platter w/ spreads $79.95
Kosher 40 Bagel Platter w/ Spreads $149.95
Party Trays

Fruit & Veggie Platters

Healthy and delicious! Our fruit and vegetable platters provide fruits and veggies of the season.

Fruit Platter - Approx 32oz $19.95
Kosher Fruit Bowl $39.95
Kosher Vegetable Crudite $59.95
Vegetable Platter approx 32oz $19.95
It's not a party without cake!

Cakes, Cupcakes and Ice Cream

Your choice of a delicious Hershey Ice Cream Cake, or a custom baked 1/2 sheet cake from one of the local premier bakeries. Add your favorite character to your cake, or send us a photo of your child for an edible image that makes a statement. (Edible printed icing sheets and edible ink are kosher)

Edible Image Cake Top $10.00
Hershey Ice Cream Cake Serves 24-26 kids $34.95
Custom Baked 1/2 Sheet Cake Serves 46 $34.95
Mini Melts Cup (per cup) $3.50
Add beverages to your party!


We stock Coca Cola™ brand Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Duze Iced Tea, Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Fanta Orange Soda.

2 Liter Coca Cola Product $2.49
Apple Juice 960z $3.99
Pot of Coffee (64 oz) $15.00
Water (Gallon Poland Springs) $2.99
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