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Party Add Ons


Bubble Bash

Once you pop, you can't stop! Giant bursts of bubbles will fill the arenas with happy smiles! It's Bubble-tastic!

Throw another level of excitement to your child's birthday party by adding on our Bubble Burst! We will unleash a gigantic burst of bubbles three times during the play time in the 2nd bounce room! Kids LOVE this magical bubble shower! It will be a party to remember!

Price: $25.00 per Party

Glow Mania

Turn down the lights and turn up the fun. Transform the party arenas into a Glow Mania experience with glow in the dark lights and a glow necklace for every kid.

Upgrade your party to Cosmic Bounce. One stadium for $29.00 and two stadiums for $39.00.

Price: $29.00 per Party
Additional Party Room Time

More Party Room Time

Add more Party Room time so you have sufficient time to open the gift and enjoy the wonderful food in the colorful Party Room. Choose from adding extra 15 minutes for $40.00, extra 30 minutes for $60.00 OR extra 60 minutes for $100.00. This is highly recommended if you have large group of guests which take longer to finish the food or the Birthday Star would like to open the gifts in the Party Room. Extra party room time may not always be available, it depends upon if there's any party booked immediately afterwards. So book the extra party room time as early as you can!

Price: $40.00 and Up
Goodie Gusher

Goodie Gusher

Kids are going to love this new twist on piñatas! Who is going to pull the magic key and release all the goodies?

Price: $35.00 per Party
Make it a Pajama Party!

Pajama Party

Add a special twist to your party, and turn it into a funtabulous Pajama Party!

We can provide donuts and juice or milk and cookies!

Price: $20.00 per Party
Additional Bounce Time

More Bounce Time

Add more bounce time so the kids can enjoy the ginormous bouncers and slides more! Adding extra 30 minutes for $60.00 OR extra 60 minutes for $100.00 You can extend the bounce time and the extra time will evenly distribute between both Bounce Stadiums. Extra bounce time may not always be available, it depends upon if there's any party booked immediately afterwards. So book the extra bounce time as early as you can!

Price: $60.00 and Up
Click's Pics

Click's Pics

Don't miss a moment of your kid's party! We'll take the photos while you join the fun. After the party, you can access and share your photos online!

Price: $24.99 per Party
Themed Parties

Themed Parties

Customize the look of your party with one of our popular themed packages!

Price: $2.95 and Up
Five Time Bounce Pass

Bounce Pass - Five Time Visit

20% discount, just for you!! BUY & SAVE! More bounce for your buck! Our Five-Bounce Open Bounce Pass is good for five admissions to our scheduled Open Bounce sessions.

Price: $50.00
water bottle

Flip Top Water Bottle

It's a goodie bag with a twist! Kids get to take home a water bottle filled with fun treats inside!

Price: $3.95
Goodie Bag

Goodie Bag

We make goodie bags easy! Our BounceU Goodie bag is full of fun toys, including a mini Bounce U Beach Ball, Silicone Bracelets, Mini Coloring Book w/3 Pack Crayon, candy.

Price: $3.50

Goodie Bags

It's a goodie bag with a twist! Kids get to take home a water bottle filled with fun treats inside!

Price: $3.95
Guest of Honor

Guest of Honor Gifts

Complimentary Especially for the Guest of Honor

Price: $0.00
Add Birthday Candles to your Cake!

Birthday Candles

Your wish came true! Add a special glow to your birthday cake with our fun Birthday Candles!

Price: $1.50
Kids love BounceU Boppers

BounceU Boppers

The BounceU Bopper is a giant 36” blow up hammer decorated to remind you of your great time at BounceU. This makes a great party favor for older children!

Price: $2.95
Single Bounce Pass

Bounce Pass - One Time Visit

You don’t need a special occasion to bounce! Give your guests an Open Bounce Pass, and they can bounce back for fun and good times.

Price: $11.00
Crazy Straw

BounceU Goblet

Your party guests will love our BounceU Goblet with its fun, crazy straw!

Price: $2.00
BounceU Sports Bottle

BounceU Sports Bottle

Want to give your guests something they can use over and over again? Ask for our BounceU Sports Bottle! Everyone will love this cool and practical party favor!

Price: $1.99
BounceU Basketball

BounceU Basketball

Kids will have hours of fun playing with this 7" basketball featuring our whimsical birthday characters. It’s the perfect way to take a little bit of bounce home!

Price: $5.99

BounceU Schtuff

Balloon Bouquet (1x18"Mylar+6x14"latex) $19.99
Balloon Bundle (10 x 14" Latex) $19.99
Balloon Bundle (20 x 14" Latex) $34.99
Single 18" Mylar Balloon w/ Helium $4.99
Helium Charge - 14" Latex (1 / each) $1.50
Helium Charge - 18" Mylar (1 / each) $2.50
Glow Necklace $0.49
LED Fairy Wand $2.99
LED Hair Braid $1.89
LED Head Band $1.99
LED Light Saber $3.99
LED Ninja Sword $3.99
BounceU 7" Basketball $5.99
BounceU Bopper (36") $2.95
BounceU Cup w/ Curly Straw $2.99
BounceU Water Bottle $1.99
Goodie Bag $3.50
Socks - BounceU Logo (Adult) $4.99
Socks - BounceU Logo (Kids) $3.99
Extra Table & 6 Chairs Rental (Party Rm) $15.00

Find out why BounceU is Orange kids' favorite birthday party place!

Jumbo-sized fun

What's full of hot air but loads of fun? BounceU's inflatable party place with huge bounce house arenas! Plus, we've got games, a birthday throne, and more.

In a 100% private space

No need to share here: It's easy to keep an eye on your crew when your group has gets its own inflatable indoor playgrounds and private party room!

Just for U!

Make it the perfect party with a customized package of food, beverages, party favors and more.

Easy, fast, fun

Planning, bounce house sessions, clean up - our Party Pros help out with just about everything! Plus, reservations are as easy as a phone call or a few clicks online.
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