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BounceU Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Procedures

Do I need to wear a mask?
At this time the wearing of face covering masks is completely voluntary.
How do 100% private parties make it safer to celebrate?
As always, our 100% private parties (play arenas and celebration rooms) provide you the opportunity to be in control of who attends your event.


Is there an age limit?
Our recommended age is 2-11. Walkers up to 2 years can go in, but since the equipment is quite big and manufacture safety requires minimum heights for riders, that vary from ride to ride. Children that do not meet the required heights will not be allowed to ride. Non-walkers and young toddlers are NOT allowed to go on the equipment. They are encouraged to enjoy the toddler area or any of the interactive games. Adults are not allowed on the inflatables under any circumstances. Please consult with the Store Manager prior to booking for guests with special needs that will be riding the amusements to ensure your specific circumstance can be accommodated.
Can we just come in and play?
A reservation is required to attend one of our scheduled "Open Bounce" times. The link below brings you to our calendar, which is where we post all of our events. We do update the calendar often. We recommend checking often, as our schedule changes frequently. Please note, without a reservation, it is unlikely that we will be able to accommodate you, as we have other events going on.
What are the BounceU General Guidelines and Policies?
BounceU reserves the right to deny admission to or remove any person that does not adhere to the following store policies and guidelines: 1. All persons (children, adults, infants, grand-parents, etc.) must check-in, sign the waiver, review all safety requirements and procedures, and receive a wrist band before entering the Bounce Arenas and Party Rooms. 2. All guests must follow instructions and guidance from the Managers and Staff. Belligerent behavior towards staff or guests will not be tolerated. 3. NO alcohol or other illicit/illegal substances are allowed on the premises under any circumstances. Patrons determined to be under the influence (Alcohol, Drugs, etc.) will be asked to leave immediately. 4. Absolutely NO weapons are allowed on the premises under any circumstances.
What is the best way to dress for a visit to BounceU?
All guests must wear attire appropriate for a family-oriented environment. Attire that is not appropriate for a family-oriented environment may result in refusal of admittance or removal from the facility. Our attire policy includes but is not limited to the following: 1. Clothing which, by nature, exposes excessive portions of the skin that, again, may be viewed as inappropriate for a family environment. 2. Clothing with objectionable material (see-through), including obscene language or graphics (this also applies to tattoos). 3. Costumes and costume masks, which may not be worn by Guests 14 years of age or older. Exceptions are reserved for specific Halloween and Christmas events - please contact the store for more details or consult with a manager.
I forgot my socks! What can I do?
Everyone bouncing on the equipment MUST wear socks. We offer socks for sale at the front desk.
Inclement weather policy.
No Refunds are provided for inclement or extreme weather events. If there is inclement weather it is at the discretion of the store if rescheduling will occur. Additional change fees may be incurred above the standard reschedule charge for events where the store remains open but the event host requests a reschedule within 24hrs of the event. For guidance regarding extreme weather, we follow guidance provided by the Bergen County Office of Emergency Management and New Jersey Office of Emergency Management. Please consult with the store management.

Birthday Party

Do I have to know my head count and other options when I reserve my party?
No. We will call you approximately one week prior to your scheduled party date to confirm your head count. You can place your order for food, cake, and other add-ons at that time.
Is a deposit required?
Deposits are non-refundable. If party is cancelled more than 14 days prior to your event, we can either provide store credit or put it on hold for a future party (must be within 60 days of the original date). Cancellations within 14 days of event will be forfeited and the full amount of the deposit lost. Changing the time or the date of the party is allowed if done with more than 14 days prior to the event. There is $75 fee to change the time or date of a party within 14 days of the event date. Field trips inquire. INCLEMENT WEATHER: If there is inclement weather it is at the discretion of the store if rescheduling will occur. For guidance of extreme weather, we follow the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management and the Bergen County Office of Emergency Management.
You say that the party includes a certain number of guests. What if some parents want to stay and watch? Do they count as party guests?
No. Adults may stay during the party and watch the children play on the inflatables, or just relax at BounceU and socialize with other parents. Adults are not allowed on the inflatables under any circumstances.
Can I have the bounce room for a longer amount of time?
Unfortunately, time cannot be added on the day of your event due to scheduling and staffing constraints. However, when booking your party, you can pay for extra time if you would like as long as the schedule can accommodate your request. Please call for availability and pricing details.
Can I bring in my own food and drinks?
FOOD CAN ONLY BE ORDERED THROUGH OUR CATERING MENU. OUTSIDE FOOD CANNOT BE BROUGHT TO OUR FACILITY. Additional Fees will apply. Please consult with our Store Management Team for any special considerations or accommodations. We will do our best to accommodate most special food orders and needs. Please refer to our catering menu: ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD CAN BE CONSUMED OUTSIDE OF OUR PARTY ROOMS. Please note, ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL may be brought into our facility or to any event. Any guests violating our policy may be asked to leave immediately. Again, outside food is NOT allowed.
Can I order extra pizza or other food once my party has begun?
No. We must order food products the day before your party to ensure that your food is fresh and arrives on time. We do not maintain extra food products on the BounceU premises.
What happens if my guests or I arrive late? Can I get a time extension?
Unfortunately we cannot extend your party time when you or your guests arrive late. We host back-to-back parties every day, and staying on-schedule is critical to our guest satisfaction and operations. We recommend you ask your guests to arrive 15 minutes before the party start time for check in.
If I am bringing in my own cake, do I need to bring in my own plates and napkins?
No. All paper and plastic products are included in your party package, and we are more than happy to supply them. If you would like the paper and plastic items to fit a specific theme, you are welcome to bring your own.
Can I use my own decorations and/or paper products in the party room?
You are welcome to use your own decorations and/or paper products in the party room. The party room is only available for 10min to be decorated. This is 10 minutes before children eat, NOT before the start time of the party. To preserve the integrity of our party rooms, we do not permit wall or ceiling decorations, streamers, silly string, confetti, etc. An additional charge will be levied for any outside arts, crafts, painting or violation of any store policies. THE PARTY ROOM IS NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL THE PRIOR EVENT IS COMPLETED. As soon as the prior event ends, the Party Room is prepped including cleaning, setup, and decorated for your specific event by your Party Pros. Please keep in mind that multiple events occur in the facility at once.
Can my guests return to play after the party room?
Unfortunately, guests may not re-enter the arenas after playtime. Since our parties are 100% private, other parties will be utilizing the facility.
I don't want to serve a full meal. Can I bring in my own snacks?
We have snack food options available; see our Party Add-Ons page for more information. Please do not bring in any food other than cake or cupcakes.
Is each guest, including adults, required to have a completed/signed waiver?
For insurance purposes, all guests who enter our bounce stadiums must have a completed/signed waiver on file. Waivers for children under 18 must be completed and signed by a parent/guardian. For your convenience, we also include our waiver in our birthday invitation, and additional waivers are available at the front desk. If you complete an Online Waiver through our website, it will be kept on file for 6 months.

Open Bounce

Do you offer weekend open bounce times?
Our focus on the weekends are our fabulous private birthday parties. If parties cancel, we may schedule an Open Bounce. Please check the calendar to see if there are any scheduled.
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