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Different party packages option avail. on the Birthday section
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Maybe your team is having a dream season. Maybe not. Either way, you deserve to blow off a little steam - and BounceU is just the place for it! You'll score major points when your players get a load of our famous bounce stadiums, fun-filled celebration rooms, and fantastic games. Whether it’s a soccer, swimming, football, baseball, basketball, cheerleading, hockey or track team- whatever your sport, we want to help you celebrate your successes!

You can book any of our party package for you team party. Go to the birthday section to see different party packages you can book for your team celebration! Or just give us a call and speak with one of our Party Consultants!

Office/Corporate Holiday Party

Special Events at BounceU
Available to customize based on your needs
Call (916) 859-0559 or send email to bscott@bounceu.com
to get more information and schedule your holiday party!

BounceU offers the perfect place for your group to gather with friends, family or coworkers and celebrate the holidays!
100% private, full-service party
Entertainment your staff and whole family will enjoy
Team building activities
Accommodations for up to 150 people
Kids’ activities, including special holiday crafts
Photo service to capture your memorable moments
Easy to do, we clean up!

Here’s the best part: BounceU’s professional staff will take care of every detail, from set-up to clean-up to taking pictures throughout your event, and work with you to customize a party that’s as distinctive and memorable as your company itself!

Send email to bscott@bounceu.com for more information on our holiday party!

Put a little extra bounce in your step!

Boundless Fun

We’ve got huge inflatable playgrounds, endless games and even a blow-up birthday throne!

100% Private

It’s just you and your invited guests in our enormous bouncy house arenas and party rooms!

Completely Customized

You can tailor every detail of the party experience to make it as special as the birthday kid!

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